VIDEO: Bronx Man Gets Knocked Out, Then Robbed By Bystanders

A Bronx man remained in intensive care after he was attacked, and then robbed, in a city crosswalk.

Bronx, NY – Instead of helping a man who had been knocked unconscious in the middle of a crosswalk on June 18, several New Yorkers picked his pockets while his assailant snapped pictures of his handiwork (video below).

Police have arrested 22-year-old Luis Rivera, whom they believe was the man featured sucker-punching 37-year-old Fernando Levano in surveillance videos from nearby businesses, the Daily Mail reported.

The attack occurred at about 6:11 a.m. at the corner of Aqueduct Avenue and Buchanan Place in the University Heights section of the Bronx, police said.

In the video, Levano was crossing the street when he was approached by two men, one of whom punched him in the head.

The victim fell to the ground unconscious, and initially, Rivera and his companion walked quickly away.

Bystanders approached the victim, the video showed. But instead of rendering aid or calling for help, they rifled through his pockets and stole his cell phone.

Then, to add insult to injury, Rivera reappeared in the video, as Levano laid unconscious in the street.

Rivera approached Levano and got a good look at him, the video showed. Then he squatted down next to his unconscious victim’s head and took pictures of his handiwork.

Afterwards, video showed Rivera and his companion exchanged a high-five of celebration.

Levano was eventually transported to St. Barnabas Hospital where he remained in serious condition with a skull fracture, the Daily Mail reported.

His attacker has been arrested and charged with assault. Rivera remained in police custody.

You can watch the entire brutal series of events in the video below:

Hi_estComnDenomn said (edited): @Mrs10 No worries, I don't get 100% bad vibes from you. You're one of the few on here who I honestly don't mind arguing/discussing with. BLM does do plenty at the local level, but rarely is it covered in the news. The media jumped on them because it was sensational, and just as quickly, jumped off when they found nothing new to report on. But, BLM is not at all the most effective local tool for rebuilding black communities. I don't personally support BLM for my own reasons, but I do like how they have recently turned their attention to getting elected in local offices. All the protesting bullshit has gotten them nothing; someone finally learned that if you want to make changes, having a voice in the government is the way to go. But much more importantly than BLM, and more direct to your question about addressing threats to black youth, there are community programs going on in all the areas that certain people love to bring up; Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, etc. But I'm certain no one here knows of programs in those cities where black tradesmen have been training the youth with skills like electrician, drywalling, paving, etc out of their own pockets and through donations. Those youth are starting to flip abandoned houses and sell them at very reasonable costs back to the neighborhood. The reason this is not known and widely shared is to avoid raising attention of interlopers, and mainly the media. Specifically in and around Detroit, which for the most part the media has abandoned, they're going to have a field day when they realize that blacks, hispanics and muslims are working together on rebuilding certain sections on their own terms. Here is a short article about a bunch of these programs that are flying under the radar. The house-flip training program is called Flip the Script, which also includes free suits from a neighborhood tailor for men and women to interview, job and skill rehabilitation for nonviolent ex-convicts and tradesman programs that will allow them to get jobs just about anywhere houses are being built:

You are a joke. BLM don't do sh*t but look for trouble so they have something to protest about and be on TV.


the "passerbys" should be turned in and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and so should the ones who assaulted the man.


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