VIDEO: Bodycams, Store Cameras Capture 2 Shooters In Gunfight With Cops

A police officer was shot when he engaged with two armed suspects who had just robbed a CVS in New Orleans.

New Orleans, LA – Police released bodycam video from a shootout at a CVS that showed the suspects opened fire on responding officers (video below).

The incident occurred at about 6:06 a.m. on June 17 after two suspects entered the Uptown CVS drug store, tied up the clerks with zip ties, and forced one of the employees to give them access to the pharmacy, WVUE reported.

New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said that once inside, the suspects emptied the pharmacy’s safe and filled up a trash bag with bottles of “pharmaceutical drugs,” according to the Times-Picayune.

Police received an emergency call alerting them to the armed robbery at 6:08 a.m. and New Orleans police officers responded to the store within two minutes.

Surveillance footage from the store and bodycam video showed officers arriving on the scene and briefly surveying the situation inside the store.

Inside, bodycam video showed they spotted at least one of the suspects at the end of the aisle with a gun in his hand.

The officers backed out of the store and took up positions of cover on either side of the exit.

Shortly thereafter, the store’s video showed the suspects approaching the doors of the CVS and then dropping the trash bag full of pills so that bottles spilled all over the floor.

Then the video showed one of the suspects pulled a pistol from his waist and began shooting through the open doorway at the officers.

The first shot struck New Orleans Police Officer Chad Clark in the shoulder.

In Officer Clark’s bodycam video, the officer said “oof” as he was struck by the suspect’s bullet.

Another officer’s bodycam showed the exact moment Officer Clark was shot, and again the officer made the noise as he dropped to the ground.

“108, 108, 108, 108,” an officer can be heard repeating into the police radio to signal officers’ in distress and needing assistance.

The wounded officer got back up and backed away from the doorway to take up a position at the corner of the building, but he stayed in the fight despite having been shot, bodycam videos showed.

Surveillance video from inside the store showed the second suspect also drew a pistol from his waistband.

The suspects fired several more shots and then made a run for it out the doors, pointing their handguns at officers and firing as they ran, the video showed.

Officers returned fired and engaged in a running gun battle with the suspects as the men raced across the parking lot.

The suspects were struck with bullets multiple times, and dropped to the pavement more than once as they fled. However, their bullet wounds did not stop them from shooting back at police and narrowly escaping the parking lot.

Superintendent Ferguson said ballistics had determined that of the 40 shots that were fired during the confrontation, 29 were fired from New Orleans Police Department-issued weapons, the Times-Picayune reported.

Alan Parson, 18, collapsed nearby in the 1300-block of Lyons Street and was captured.

Richard Sansbury, 26, was apprehended more than two hours later after police found him hiding outside a residence on Upperline near Coliseum Street, the Times-Picayune reported.

Both suspects were hospitalized and treated for multiple bullet wounds before they were released back into police custody.

Officer Clark was transported to the hospital and treated for the gunshot to his shoulder, but has since been released and is recovering at home, according to police.

All three officers involved in the incident were placed on desk duty as is protocol for that department in officer-involved shootings, the Times-Picayune reported.

Superintendent Ferguson said the department’s internal investigation had determined the officers acted justifiably.

The superintendent said that the surveillance and bodycam videos showed “beyond doubt that the suspects bear complete responsibility for what transpired."

He said that Parson and Sansbury acted with “the boldness of individuals who intend on doing harm to our community,” the Times-Picayune reported.

Superintendent Ferguson gave kudos to the officers and said video from the incident “shows how brave and courageous our officers are in doing what they were sworn to do.”

Parson and Sansbury were both charged with armed robbery, false imprisonment, and attempted murder of police, the Times-Picayune reported.

The judge set Sansbury’s bail at $1.15 million.

Parson was being held on $1.7 million bail, the Times-Picayune reported.

Watch the gunfight unfold in the video below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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I'm relieved that the wounded officer will be okay and that none of the other officers were wounded in their exchange of gunfire with the perps. I'm glad that the perps were so clumsy that they dropped their loot in the store.


Give those officers some shooting range time need to hit those scum bags where it counts


I've seen way too many videos of officers talking on their radios when they should be concentrating on addressing the threat. One of the officers is so busy talking on the radio that he never gets a proper grip on his pistol, and is holding his packset with one hand and talking as he is shooting with the other hand. At some point, dispatch is NOT going to be of any help, and officers need to focus and take care of the business at hand.


Typical big city dindu behavior. Why work when a gun and the ability to say "gimme da money" is all you need to get drugs and go to the club


Happy the cops are OK and the thugs are behind bars.