VIDEO: Bodycam Shows Violent Fight For Cop's Gun Before Suspect Was Shot

Bodycam shows Ondrae Hutchinson of Durham refusing to let go of an officer's gun before he was fatally shot.

Durham, NC – Police recently released bodycam video from a March 30 officer-involved shooting that left one man dead (video below).

The incident began when 30-year-old Ondrae Levado Hutchinson’s girlfriend called 911 on March 30 to report that her boyfriend was damaging property inside the home and scaring their child, WRAL reported.

Officers responded to the home on Bevel Court and when they arrived, bodycam showed Hutchinson was already standing outside in the yard, screaming and yelling but not making much sense.

"I am going to make something happen to you, I am going to make something happen to you because I am Godly," Hutchinson told the officers at the top of his voice.

“You can do whatever you want to me right now,” he insisted. “What the f--k you want? You can’t do nothin.”

“You get out of my face,” he screamed repeatedly when an officer tried to approach him.

Then he seemed to get upset that police weren’t treating him as a threat, the video showed.

“Why haven’t you pulled your gun out yet?” Hutchinson asked the officers.

“Do you have a gun on you?” one of the officers asked him.

“I don’t feel pain no more,” he replied and continued mumbling somewhat incoherently.

“Do you have any weapons on you?” the officer asked again.

“You don’t know. You can’t see what I got,” Hutchinson told the officer.

So she asked for permission to search him and he gave it to her, the video showed.

As she was searching, he told her his pockets were filled with magical sticks.

Then one officer went into the garage to talk with Hutchinson’s girlfriend, and he followed him in.

The officers tried to get him to leave the garage, but the video showed that Hutchinson refused.

“You can’t make me,” he told the officers.

Hutchinson yelled at his girlfriend and then he started dancing, the video showed.

When officers tried again to get him out of the garage, the confrontation grew more heated.

“Go get my phone!” Hutchinson screamed at his girlfriend, and announced his intention to livestream the altercation.

That’s when officers tried to take the man into custody and he began resisting, the video showed.

“Get off of me!” Hutchinson yelled as officers took him to the ground. “Why y’all can’t handle me? Ya ain’t never seen no s--t like that.”

The struggle went on for more than two minutes, and involved four officers, the video showed.

During the struggle, Hutchinson grabbed onto one of the officer’s weapons and refused to let go, WTVD reported.

An officer yelled out a warning “Taser Taser Taser!” before she deployed her less-lethal weapon, and then the video showed Hutchinson getting zapped just as another officer tried to get control of him against the back of a car that was in the garage.

Still, Hutchinson wouldn’t let go and refused to give up the fight.

“Let go of the gun,” an officer yelled.

And then seconds later, an officer opened fire, fatally shooting Hutchinson, the video showed.

The Durham County District Attorney’s Office announced earlier in June that it would not be seeking criminal charges against the officers involved in the incident, WTVD reported.

Only one officer fired their weapon, according to the district attorney’s “5-Day Report.”

"The evidence from this investigation establishes that a reasonable officer... would have believed that he and the other officers were in danger of imminent deadly physical force" from Hutchinson, the report said.

Hutchinson's family told police that he had consumed both alcohol and drugs prior to the incident.

Watch the altercation unfold in the video below:

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