VIDEO: Bodycam Shows Gunfight As Officers Are Ambushed At Trump's Golf Course

Miami police have released bodycam footage of the gunfight at the Trump National Doral Golf Club on Friday.

Doral, FL – Police have released bodycam video from one of the officers involved in the gunfight at the Trump National Doral Golf Club on Friday (video below).

Authorities said the gunman lured police into an ambush at President Donald Trump’s golf resort at about 1:30 a.m. on May 18.

The gunman was shot in the legs during the gun battle, and taken into custody afterwards, police said.

Police said that 42-year-old Jonathan Oddi first took down an American flag from a flagpole outside the hotel, before going inside the lobby.

He proceeded inside, draped the flag across a counter, and pulled the hotel’s fire alarm, police said.

Oddi pulled out a handgun, and began shooting the ceiling and chandeliers inside the lobby, The New York Times reported.

“He began to yell out anti-Trump, President Trump rhetoric," Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez said, according to USA Today. “He waited for our police officers in the front lobby, to engage them."

“We don’t know what his intentions were — long-term intentions — but we know what he was trying to do at the time, and it appears that he was trying to engage our police officers, some kind of ambush-type attack, trying to lure our police officers,” Perez said, according to The New York Times.

Four Doral police officers and one Miami police officer engaged Oddi inside the hotel, USA Today reported.

In the bodycam video released on May 21, the officer can be seen firing multiple shots into the lobby of the golf club.

In the background, radio chatter including the words “active shooter” can be heard as the officer ducked down in between rounds of returning fire.

In the video, an officer on the scene yelled “Shots fired! Shots fired!” in between the hail of bullets.

The video showed the officer continued advancing toward the gunfire, as shots rang out from inside the building.

The officer entered the lobby through glass double doors and proceeded slowly inside, where the video showed broken glass and other items destroyed by gunfire strewn across the floor.

Over the radio, someone said the gunman had gone downstairs. And the officer wearing the bodycam asked somebody off camera where downstairs was located.

Seconds later, four more officers armed with long guns joined the first officer in the lobby, the video showed.

They proceeded in formation across the lobby, and began climbing a circular central staircase.

In the video, the officer wearing the bodycam cautioned them to slow down, warning that they didn’t know if they had more subjects in the building.

The video ended as officers arrived on the second floor, at the same time the dispatcher could be heard calling over the radio about the incident occurring on the second floor.

The gunman was ultimately shot in the legs, and was transported to a local hospital.

No hotel guests or employees were injured during the gunfight, but one Doral officer suffered a broken wrist during the incident, Perez said.

“We immediately were able to neutralize this threat,” Perez said, according to The New York Times. “If not for the heroic efforts of the police officers that responded here today, this individual would have caused a lot of harm, and he was not able to do that.”

Following the shooting, police were preparing to conduct a search warrant at Oddi’s luxury apartment in Doral, Perez said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Officers searched for booby traps, and evacuated Oddi’s neighbors on Friday morning, he added.

President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, thanked police in an early morning tweet.

“A huge thank you to the incredible men and women of the @ DoralPolice Department and @ MiamiDade PD,” he wrote. “Every day they keep our community safe. We are very grateful to you!”

You can see the gun battle at President Trump's golf course in the video below:

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Crazy caucastic antics of indiscriminately shooting, yet again.

Burgers will ask you better than i can, but where exactly was the ambush? I heard gunshots the whole video. Not smart if you're trying to hide in wait.


Seems as though they are searching for him by the end of the video. His position my have been concealed upon engaging with the officers. The ambush seems to come in the form of, "Get officers attention, then fire on them when they arrive." The tactical strategy of the "ambush-like" attack may have been lacking. But it seems like it's not wholly an inappropriate word to use here in describing what happened.


What? "get officer attention" is the exact opposite of ambush. You can't change the definition because it feels better.

I'll save you some time in looking up the definition. The key phrase in ambush is waiting in concealment to surprise. Shooting at the ceiling and yelling is not a surprise.


@Hi_estComnDenomn LOL You reference white people like blacks don't indiscriminately kill one another. Blacks do it so often the media no longer covers it. I also find it funny how the word ambush and it's usage bothers you and that other idiot troll so much.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I don't like inaccurate information. I guess that is funny. Should be pretty understandable, though.