VIDEO: Bodycam Released Of Cop Getting Shot In Barbershop Gun Battle


Police released bodycam and dashcam videos of the gunfight at the Amazon Barber Shop.

San Francisco, CA – Family members of the man who opened fire in a busy barbershop went head-to-head with his victims at a police town hall meeting Thursday night (video below).

Police released bodycam video footage of the March 21 gunfight between San Francisco police and 21-year-old Jehad Eid in the Amazon Barber Shop in San Francisco at the town hall meeting on March 29, FOX News reported.

The confrontation began when officers were called because Eid had been threatening family members with a gun, police said.

When police arrived at the scene, witnesses said that Eid had gone into the barbershop, so police went after him.

A uniformed officer and a plain clothes officer walked into the barbershop in search of the suspect.

Video captured by the uniformed officer’s bodycam showed Eid immediately opened fire on the officers as soon as they entered the barbershop.

The uniformed officer was hit in the leg and fell to the floor, his bodycam video showed.

Both officers returned fire, police said.

In the video, a man can be heard screaming “I got kids! I got kids here!” as the gunfight ensues.

Police said Eid fired nine shots at officers from a .40-caliber handgun, FOX News reported.

The two officers fired a combined total of 26 bullets, and Eid was hit 18 times, police said.

The wounded officer’s bodycam video showed footage of him crawling out of the barbershop on his hands and knees afterward.

Police also released bodycam video from an officer who was outside the shop when the shooting occurred, and from a police car dashcam.

An officer could be heard yelling for a shield after the shooting had stopped, so that officer can approach Eid, who was still moving and refusing to comply with police commands, the video showed.

Eid was transported to the hospital where he died, police said.

At the town hall meeting, an Eid family spokesman offered an apology “to the officers who were injured in the line of duty.”

He said the family was “in deep mourning for our beloved Jehad and regret there was nothing we could do to prevent this incident.”

But not all of Eid’s family members were in agreement with the apology, and there was a kerfuffle at the meeting between the barbershop employees – four of whom had been injured – and members of Eid’s family, KPIX reported.

A barbershop employee named Chad to KPIX that he was the man in handcuffs in the videos. He said police had mistaken him for the suspect when they first arrived at the barbershop.

Chad criticized the police response to the incident, saying that officers had retreated when gunfire erupted, leaving him handcuffed on the sidewalk.

The video showed a handcuffed man running behind police to hide behind a police car with officers as shots rang out in the background.

Chad said he knew Eid as a really good kid who “never meant nobody no danger,” KPIX reported.

“It should have been treated like a hostage situation,” he said.

You can see the video of the gunfight below. WARNING - Graphic Content:

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I guess the handcuffed guy expected the police to not to retreat to a point of safety once the shooting started. Maybe he expected them to lay over his body instead. Or better yet pick him up off the ground and use him a human shield.


Chad seems to think that Eid shooting at cops on sight doesn't equate to "meaning them danger"


Wish the shooter died. Bless the thin blue line...


You can`t shoot at the Police and think nothing is going to happen that will be bad?

Old Hawg
Old Hawg

The female officer certainly kept her wits about her. She was the one who got the handcuffed individual down from the line of fire and retrieved the shield when it was called for. Good job, young lady.


I love how people ,like the fat tub of lard in this video, gets up and tells the police "y'all did everything wrong" . Really?? You put no blame at all on the guy who was threatening people with a gun. You called the police for assistance. He opens fire on the police and what were they suppose to do? Freaking imbecile!! Next time you handle the s--t your own damn self! See how that works out for you.


Excellent footage of a cop warrior who was shot, falls down, empties his magazine to neutralize the scat, reloads and maintain control until he is helped out of the barber shop.Time frame: 10-36 seconds. Must freeze each frame.