VIDEO: Bar Patron Swigs Drink, Smokes During Armed Robbery As Others Cower

While everyone around him dropped to the ground, one bar patron refused to cooperate with the armed attacker.

St. Louis, MO – A bar patron refused to comply with an armed robber’s demands during a holdup inside a St. Louis tavern early Wednesday morning (video below).

The incident occurred at approximately 12:30 a.m. at Behrmann’s Tavern in the 3100-block of Meramec Street, KSDK reported.

The unidentified gunman stormed into the bar an announced the robbery, then pointed his gun at patrons and ordered everyone to get down onto the ground, KMOV reported.

Surveillance footage showed the frightened customers and employees as they cowered on the floor and searched for cover.

But one man saddled up to the bar didn’t seem to be phased by the chaotic events, the video showed.

As everyone around him dropped to the ground, the seated customer swigged his drink and fiddled with his cell phone.

The gunman honed in on him, and pointed his gun into the man’s side while trying to snatch the cell phone out of his hands, the video showed.

When the customer refused to hand over his wallet or phone, the armed attacker moved on to easier prey.

“He was just very adamant about it like, ‘I’m not playing your game,’” bartender Dustin Krueger later told KMOV.

The suspect made his way behind the bar, pointing the gun in the seated customer’s direction at least once more as they faced one another, the video showed.

In response to the rifle barrel pointed at his head, the unfazed bar patron casually lit up a cigarette.

A short while later, the gunman came up behind customer seated next right next to the man, shoved the barrel of his weapon into the man’s back, and stole his wallet, the video showed.

Although there was no audio in the surveillance footage, the unfazed customer appeared to verbally confront the gunman, who abruptly walked off towards another group of customers.

The suspect then found Krueger and forced him behind the bar at gunpoint, KMOV reported.

He ordered the bartender to open the cash register for him, then proceeded to stuff the cash into a bag.

The armed suspect also made off with cell phones and items belonging to five customers, who ranged in age from 35 to 56, KMOV reported.

He fled the scene prior to officers’ arrival, and has not been apprehended.

None of the bar patrons or employees were injured during the attack.

You can watch surveillance footage of the armed robbery in the video below:

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I would have snatched that AK 47 out of his hands,he apparently was not skilled at robbing people


He aint gonna get my corn bread Claude....


That was actually kind of entertaining, it looked like it could come from a scene from The Hangover 4. That’s Stu sitting at the bar, and Alan is the guy who got his money taken from his wallet.

Stu: “I ain’t no bitch!!!! Well actually sir, I have bad knees so I can’t get down. Yes, ok, I’ll get off my phone. My money? Well I’m just a dentist, not a real doctor, But it’s all in that register drawer over there. I’ll just sit here while you do your thing”

Alan: Fuck you I don’t have a satchel anymore!! I have a wallet!! Dammit I shouldn’t have said that, now he has my cash....


He had balls I guess … but still kind of stupid. Maybe he had nothing to live for.


If that was the Louisiana bar I worked back in the 70s he would be full of holes, everybody had a gun.