VIDEO: Attorney Claims Racial Profiling After Officers Are Forced To Hit Suspect - Video Shows Truth

Video shows the altercation between Jimarez Reed and Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies.

Pinellas Park, FL - The attorney for a criminal suspect went to the media complaining about Pinellas County deputies’ “excessive force” against her client.

However, what dash camera video shows is deputies fighting to get control of a resisting suspect (video below)

The incident happened on May 25, at around 11:30 PM, after deputies received a call about the suspect, Jimarez Reed, with the caller stating that Reed had a gun.

No other circumstances about the call have been released at this time.

The deputies arrived and confronted Reed. Reed responded by ducking behind his vehicle before putting his hands up.

The suspect was delayed in responding as deputies ordered him to the ground, but he eventually complied.

Believing that they were dealing with an armed suspect, a deputy came up from behind Reed and jumped on his back.

"You see the video, you see the officer, the first thing he does he jumps on him and just starts wailing on him," Attorney Michele Rayner told FOX 13.

In the video, you can actually see the Reed resist the officer’s attempt to pull Reed’s arms behind his back. That’s when the officer started hitting Reed.

Striking a suspect is the standard response when a suspect is actively resisting.

In circumstances where the suspect is believed to be armed, officers need to use whatever force necessary to get the suspect under control immediately.

The video shows a second officer coming up to help try to get control of Reed, but he continued to resist and they were unable to get his arms behind his back.

Then a bystander came over to help the officers. Both officers and the bystander were still unable to get control of Reed’s arms.

When a fourth officer arrived, they were finally able to get Reed handcuffed.

“I love y’all, man,” Jimarez Reed says in the video.”

“Relax, just relax,” an officer tells him.

Reed responds, “Come on, man. Don’t kill me.”

Reed’s behavior appears to be erratic throughout the encounter. It has not been released at this time if Reed was under the influence of a mind-altering substance.

Despite it taking four large men to get control of Reed, that’s not the story that his attorney is presenting.

"He was obviously compliant. They didn't have to do all those things that they did," Rayner told FOX 13.

After Reed was in custody, they were able to determine that he didn’t have his gun on him, it was in his car.

Rayner is now pushing for charges against her client to be dropped, saying that she believes the incident was racially motivated, and had nothing to do with Reed getting called in as an armed suspect who then resisted arrest.

Reed’s criminal history shows that he was arrested again this week for drug charges and resisting.

You can see the video of the incident below. NOTE: The video was released without audio.

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It's ok sir, next time we will not fight you to gain control of your hands, we will simply continue to escalate the situation... on a side note, what caliber bullet do you prefer?


It really does not matter what the video, or the Officers statements are... there is a hate from the ignorant, most often black humans that have a policy of denial toward authority. Crimes are supposed to be a arrestable offenses unless you are black then it becomes an argument regarding skin color. Decent black people already know the truth, but N duh hoodiez can always find an ignorant, racist attorney to represent them in hopes of a financial return and making a name for themselves as a race baiting representive. ... sick!