VIDEO: Arrest Made After 10-Year-Old's Mom Films Him Getting Tattoo

Sandy Malone

Bellefontaine police have arrested the teenage boy who gave a tattoo to a 10-year-old boy with his parents' permission.

Logan County, OH – Police have arrested a 16-year-old boy who was featured giving a 10-year-old boy a tattoo in a video that has gone viral (video below).

Bellefontaine police said they have received calls from outraged people all over the country who saw the video after it was posted to social media.

A Facebook user named Storm Harrington shared the video that showed a little boy sitting on an adult woman’s lap while a 16-year-old tattoo artist applied ink to his left upper arm on Sept. 24.

“Nikki Dickinson Justice Oyer wth is this.. How old is Skylar 9? He is not old enough to know what he wants or to make any kind of decision like this. You truely are a worthless parent for this.!!!” Harrington wrote on her post.

In the comments under the post, Oyer was identified as the woman holding the little boy still, while Dickinson was identified as the boy’s mother, who was believed to be the person filming the video.

Other than seeming impatient to have the artwork finished, the little boy looked content in the video as he chatted away about a game he had played with his friends.

Another tattooed shirtless man flitted in and out of the video in the background.

Several times, the little boy asked if he was almost done, but otherwise, he remained unfazed by the needle buzzing away on his skin.

“Look at me, you're fine. You're almost done,” said the woman holding him.

When the child began to impatiently wiggle at one point, she held him still.

“Hey! Look at me. He's not done,” the woman said.

At no point in the video did the child complain of pain while he was getting the tattoo.

Outraged viewers contacted the Bellefontaine Police Department, and officers responded to the home where the video was filmed to investigate.

"The child had actually said he asked for the tattoo," Bellefontaine Police Lieutenant Rick Herring told WSYX.

Lt. Herring said the child did not appear to be in any distress.

Ohio law permits a child under the age of 18 to get a tattoo with the permission of a parent, the Springfield News-Sun reported.

However, tattoos are supposed to be given within the confines of a safe and sanitary environment.

Police arrested the 16-year-old tattoo artist featured on the video.

He was formally charged on Thursday with two misdemeanors related to the tattoo featured in the video, Logan County Prosecutor Eric Stewart said, according to WJAX.

Stewart said the teenager was being held in a juvenile detention center for an unrelated offense.

The mother of the 10-year-old boy faces no felony charges for letting her child get inked, the prosecutor explained. However, the case has been referred to a municipal prosecutor for consideration of possible misdemeanor charges.

Logan County Children Services was also contacted, and has begun investigating, Stewart said.

You can see part of the video below:

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At 10 he’s to young to get a tattoo, and make those kid of life decisions - but at 10 or younger he knows if he wants to be a woman, or gay we are supposed to support that decision


10yrs old?????? He needs to wait until at the very least 11


I question whether or not the ink is an identifier for the boy. As In diabetic, autism, epileptic. And the ink might help. I know that there is an ink that has been developed for diabetics.

I am unable to view the video, so I can't see what the ink really is...


The law in wherever this is happened is ridiculous. they need to put the cap to at least 16 before they can get a tattoo. The law is asinine and obviously set it up for this type of thing to occur with no consequences for the so called parents and whoever had the little boy on their lap. If they think he's old enough to make that kind of decision, what else do they think he's old enough to want to do and they allow.


needed tattoo to get into the gang. Why in the world would any mother let their 10 year old get a tattoo. ?


For everyone of you saying hes too young to make that decision , you best be saying the same thing about trans kids. If 10 is too young to get a tatt than 10 is too young to get genitals taken off or added. If you cant say that than you cant crap about a tat. Js. I cam actually say no to both.


Never get atat from a kid that can't make up his mind what color hair he wants


Just another pile of trailer trash that should have been spayed.