VIDEO: Armed Woman Stops Vicious Attack On Restaurant Employee

The brutal attack was ended when the armed woman drew her weapon.

Milwaukee, WI – An unsuspecting woman was working behind a restaurant counter when a man walked up and delivered a brutal blow to her face, surveillance footage showed (video below).

The attack ended when the woman’s co-worker, who had a concealed carry permit, pulled out her weapon and pointed it at the assailant, WTMJ reported.

The incident occurred just after 1 a.m. on June 29 inside the kitchen of a George Webb Restaurant.

Surveillance footage showed the female employee, who was wearing a red shirt, as she moved items on the restaurant’s griddle.

The woman’s coworker, dressed in black, was standing to her right side when a man stormed towards her from her left, the video showed.

The woman took a slight step backwards just as the male landed a swift right-handed blow to her face.

In the video, the coworker was seen backing away from the altercation as she drew a weapon out of her right pocket.

The man initially pursued the victim as the coworker pushed the injured woman through a doorway behind her, but he appeared to hesitate when he realized the coworker’s gun was pointed at him.

The man made some angry gestures, then walked away from the armed woman as she advanced on him slightly to encourage him to leave the area.

The woman, a mother of three, sustained a concussion during the attack, WTMJ reported.

Investigators are still searching for the man who assaulted her, but said they have identified him.

“It is sickening to see this unsuspecting worker assaulted so brutally by this individual,” Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan said a news release, according to WTMJ. “It was an unprovoked attack and I am asking anyone with information to please contact MPD immediately…so we can get him off the street and behind bars where he belongs."

Donovan said that the woman’s quick-thinking coworker likely stopped the assault from turning even worse.

“One can only imagine what might have occurred if that employee had not pulled out her weapon,” he said.

The woman who was assaulted said that her employer allows workers to conceal and carry their weapons while on shift if they have licenses to do so.

You can watch surveillance footage of the altercation in the video below:

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Good for her! She kept her wits, kept the attack from escalating, and forced the assailant to leave. It's also refreshing to see a place where the employer allows CCW holders to have their weapons on them at work. So many employers don't.


I would have enjoyed this story better if the woman with the gun had shot the a-hole in the head. There is no redeeming value to a man who beats a woman.


@LEO0301 - The problem is that civilians aren't trained like police and military - to shoot at another human being is harder for a law-abiding citizen, especially a woman, unless you're a Texas mom.


But I agree there's no redeeming value to a man who beats a woman.


The gunny quit her job shortly thereafter according to other reports.