VIDEO: Armed Suspect Falls Off 30-Foot Bridge While Trying To Evade Police

Damico Taylor suffered a fractured skull after falling 30 feet onto the pavement below.

Tulsa, OK – An armed suspect fell approximately 30 feet from a bridge while trying to escape from Tulsa police, bodycam footage showed (video below).

The suspect, later identified as 23-year-old Damico Taylor, has been accused of shooting at another motorist who wanted to race him, Tulsa World reported.

The incident occurred on April 9, after Taylor pulled up alongside the man and revved his engine, signaling that he wanted to race, according to police.

When the motorist didn’t comply, Taylor allegedly pointed a gun at him.

The driver slammed on his breaks, then heard a loud “pop” as Taylor sped off ahead of him, Tulsa World reported.

A short while later, a Tulsa police officer in an unmarked patrol vehicle spotted Taylor driving on South Sheridan Road.

He followed the suspect onto Interstate 244 westbound as he waited for other officers to respond to the area.

When more patrol vehicles pulled in behind him, Taylor stomped on the accelerator and led police on a brief pursuit.

He swerved around another motorist, then crashed into a concrete barrier on the Inner Dispersal Loop, KTUL reported.

The suspect abandoned his vehicle and leapt over the barrier wall, then tried to hold onto the ledge to avoid falling to the pavement 30 feet below, according to Tulsa World.

He quickly lost his grip, and plummeted off of the bridge.

Bodycam footage showed one of the officers as he raced down the roadway into oncoming traffic to get to the injured suspect.

He found Taylor lying in a cement drainage ditch, and quickly checked him for weapons.

“What hurts?” he asked the bleeding suspect.

“Everything,” Taylor replied.

The suspect was rushed to a local hospital with a skull fracture and various other injuries, Tulsa World reported.

Investigators recovered a loaded .40-caliber Glock handgun inside the crashed vehicle. Police later learned that the vehicle belonged to Taylor’s ex-girlfriend.

She said she thought Taylor was just taking the car to get an oil change.

Taylor has since been released from the hospital, and was subsequently booked into the Tulsa County jail on multiple charges, including shooting with intent to kill, KJRH reported.

You can watch bodycam footage of Taylor’s failed attempt to escape from police in the video below:

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