VIDEO: Armed Robber Gets Splattered By Victim's Car After Failed Heist

An armed 16-year-old robber got run over by his victim's car on Tuesday afternoon.

​Memorial Villages, TX – An armed teen, who attempted to rob a homeowner in broad daylight, ended up in the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, after his would-be victim ran him over with a vehicle (video below).

The attempted robbery was captured by the homeowner’s surveillance camera.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m., just yards from a daycare, KTRK reported.

The video showed a teen male as he approached the front door of a residence and rang the doorbell. He was wearing gloves, and carried what appeared to be a bag of tools.

When the homeowner opened the door, the teen told him that there was a problem with the water pressure in the area. Suddenly, he grabbed a gun from under his shirt, and charged towards the open door.

The fast-acting homeowner slammed and locked the door, just as the teen thrust his shoulder into it.

The would-be robber stepped back, racked the slide on his handgun, and forcefully kicked the door three times in an attempt to break it down. Thwarted, he turned and fled.

But the unnamed homeowner wasn’t going to let the attacker escape so easily.

The man jumped into his vehicle, and followed the teen as he ran away.

"As he realized that he was being followed by the citizen, he did turn around with the firearm in his hand," Memorial Villages Police Department (MVPD) Chief Ray Schultz told KTRK. "The citizen then ducked out of the way, ducking below his dashboard and hit the gas in order to get away from the suspect and then eventually hitting the suspect."

"The homeowner was very, very concerned, very shaken up,” he added. “The fact he had children in the house and an event like this would happen at 4:30 in the afternoon, so he was very concerned."

The teen, who is 16 years old, was transported to the hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit, Chief Shultz said.

He said that the suspect had tattoos that were associated with gangs and criminal activity, and that police have not yet determined whether or not he was acting alone.

The district attorney planned to charge the juvenile suspect with attempted aggravated robbery, Chief Shultz said.

Watch the failed robbery attempt in the video below:


This is scary but a good reason to keep a gun in your home. Karma intervened with the punk getting run over. While i understand the homeowners frustration chasing the dude is never a good idea. Now that he hit the punk he opens himself up for legal charges against him. He was no longer defending his home and it was not necessary to go after him so the punk can get an attorney and this will not end well. Priors or not, stopped in process of robbery and possibility of being shot had the punk got in there is no real defense this homeowner can use should this punk come for him criminal record or not. People don't let anger rule your common sense. I pray this homeowner will not get in trouble for his pursuit of this punk.


Its always good to see a piece of garbage receive what he truly deserves.


Where is the video? I wanted to see karma at work! Just another innocent young misunderstood good boy who never does anything wrong. YAAA RIGHT. He had that gun ready when trying to kick in the door but im sure he will sue and win. Crime sadly DOES pay. And that needs to stop.