VIDEO: Armed Drive-Thru Customer Sees Armed Robbery Inside, Takes Robber Out

A customer at the drive-thru window shot an armed robber.

Santa Ana, CA – A fast food drive-thru customer shot an armed robber though the window, after he watched the robber inside demand money from a cashier (video below).

The incident occurred at the Cozy Corner Drive-In at 12:43 a.m., when a masked man burst into the restaurant with a black handgun, KCBS reported.

The man threw a bag at a woman behind the counter and demanded cash, surveillance video showed.

The cashier stuffed money into the bag, then handed it to the man.

But as he began to pull the bag towards him, a bullet fired by a drive-through line customer tore through a cup at the drink machine station, the video showed.

Employee Daniel Acevedo said he heard three gunshots, KCBS reported.

The drive-through customer then sped away from the scene in a silver car, The Tribune reported.

The 60-year-old robber fell to the ground near the exit door, but was able to escape the restaurant, according to KCBS.

He collapsed outside the business and was found with two gunshot wounds to the upper torso, police said.

“It was very dangerous” Santa Ana Police Commander Michael Claborn told The Orange County Register. “One of the employees could have been shot.”

Police are searching for the drive-thru customer, who is now wanted after fleeing the scene. The unidentified customer is being sought on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, Cmdr. Claborn added.

The robber was taken to a local hospital and was listed in stable condition. Police found him in possession of $274 in stolen cash, Cozy Corner manager Francisco Reyno said, according to The Tribune.

The man was charged with suspicion of robbery, according to The Tribune.

A female he was with was also taken into custody.

You can watch surveillance footage of the scene in the video below:

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The man was charged with suspicion of

robbery ??????? Only in California


@Cclaxton0. because it's CA.


Fire from inside a car, through a narrow window at a target? Call it 20 feet range? With civilians downrange? No knowing the backstop? The two good guys that took out the resturant robber went outside, got their guns and confronted the robber as he left. The driver at the drive up window could have driven a few feet, exited the car and caught the robber as he left.


@ Burgers Allday...SHE? How do you it was a female and not a male? Maybe you should be talking to the police! Person was a good shot, through window and not hitting any one else, got lucky there!


60 years old and you're still robbing places?? Good example to set - NOT!