VIDEO: Antifa Protester At Jesus March Pulls Weapon, Gets Hit By Truck

An Antifa protester at a Christian march got run over by a truck.

​Portland, OR – An Antifa protester who was trying to disrupt a Christian march got hit by a truck on Saturday (videos below).

A small Antifa group showed up at Patriot Prayer’s “March for Jesus” on Dec. 23, and tried to disrupt the event by extolling the virtues of communism through a megaphone, while the peaceful Christian group sang songs and gave uplifting speeches about being saved.

“You saw that flag, right? With the cross on it. That’s a known White Supremacist symbol. So them going around pushing their Christianity on people who aren’t even necessarily Christian,” an Antifa protester, with a black hood and scarf over his face, said in the first video.

“Their obsession with their holiday. Their obsession of freedom of speech marks that they want to hurt people. Because they are more obsessed with their rights than they are the basic decencies that people deserve. These people have a disdain for human rights,” the masked man ranted.

Meanwhile, the Patriot Prayer group cheered when their leader called their event “a party for our Lord Jesus Christ,” and completely ignored the Antifa protesters.

But they didn't give up.

“Communism will win. That’s not a joke. That will happen. It will win because we must go down to a single class society … we will move down to a one-class system called communism. Democratic and anarchist communism will be the ideology of the future,” another Antifa protester shouted through the loudspeaker.

The first video, edited together by RUPTLY (part of Russia Today,) showed the second protester standing across a busy street, seeming to taunt the prayer group across moving traffic.

“I’m right over here. You can come and get me if you want,” he yelled.

At the same time, the video showed the first masked Antifa protester running across the street through traffic, and getting hit – hard – by a truck.

To his credit, the driver of the red truck slammed on his brakes and tried to stop.

But in the video, the squeal of brakes is followed by a loud thump as the masked protester bounced off the hood.

Unconfirmed reports say that the Antifa protester had a broken hip.

The second, unedited video, showed what happened in between the Antifa group disrupting the Christian march, and the masked protester getting hit by the truck.

The second video showed that the Antifa protesters got into some kind of altercation on the side of a busy road with some unidentified men, who were making a video of the incident.

In the second video, the Antifa protesters faced off with the unidentified men, and the masked protester pulled out some kind of weapon.

“Get rid of your weapon. Get rid of your weapon,” someone said.

“Yeah, he’s got a weapon in his hand. Get rid of your weapon,” someone off-camera repeated.

With that, the masked Antifa protester took off sprinting across the street, directly in front of the red truck.

You can see the videos of the incident below (NOTE: Multiple videos, scroll for more):

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..."the basic decencies that people deserve...", like the ones that communism offers, right?


Animal scum thug gets smashed......priceless!


Poetic justice. 500 points to the driver.


Plz someone remix this


I was SO hoping it would be that little annoying twerp in the women's fur coat and goggles. YES. 1:28 in the first video to cut to the chase. I've watched it and laughed at least a dozen times already. I love that in the second video they cheer once dum dum gets smacked. I guess communism doesn't teach you common sense nor to look both ways before crossing the street while evading police.