VIDEO: 'Activists' Threaten, Try To Intimidate D.C. Police Officers

DC Metro police officers were confronted by an aggressive mob while they were conducting an investigation on Tuesday.

Washington, DC – Police are investigating a heated exchange that took place between an aggressive man and a DC Metro police officer outside an apartment building on Tuesday (video below).

Cell phone footage showing a portion of the altercation was posted to Twitter by Black Lives Matter DC on Wednesday.

Members of the Metro Police Department’s (MPD) Crime Suppression team were investigating an unoccupied BMW parked in the 1600-block of W Street Southeast in Anacostia when they were approached by three people, MPD spokesperson Dustin Sternbeck told The Washington Post.

The individuals closed in on the officers, impeded their inquiry, and refused to back away.

A small but unruly crowd soon gathered around the officers, to include a man who yelled profanities at them and held a cellphone inches from one officer’s face.

The man then “took an aggressive fighting stance, balled his fists, and advanced toward” one of the officers, according to an arrest affidavit.

In response, the officer “extended his arms in the direction” of the suspect to keep him away, then arrested him, police said.

Cell phone footage showed the man as he held the camera near the officer’s face.

The officer knocked the device away and told him to back up, then shoved him in the chest with both hands when he failed to comply, the video showed.

The officers immediately took the man into custody.

“The issue that we have is officer safety,” DC Police Union President Stephen Bigelow said, according to WTOP.

“You have the right to record officers. You have the right to say whatever you want to say,” Bigelow added. “But there’s a line that you cross when you walk within an inch of the officer’s face and put your finger in his face and walk behind officers that are armed and come within an inch of them while they’re doing an investigation.”

One woman and three men were arrested during the melee, The Washington Post reported. At least two of the suspects were charged for assaulting police.

Metro is reviewing multiple cell phone videos as part of an investigation into the altercation.

You can watch footage from the scene in the videos below. Multiple videos, scroll down for more.:

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Mig Alley
Mig Alley

Usual suspects. In other words......13%ers


Doin wat dey do goodest.


Yawn🙄. Well it snot like cops yelling profanities at citizens on daily basis and get in ther faces and then unjusty best, assault or shoot them and then charge the vicims with assualt. Oh that’s right they do! I’m glad this man was released. The first amendment applies to all. These Sam endotoxins cops just had the same Protest in Chicago outside Kim fox’s office a few weeks ago.


Disrespectful animals, and should be treated accordingly.


These black people give other black peoples a bad rap. And as far as the female that got arrested, NO SHIT SHE’S A FEMALE! All you ignorant people standing around filming and yelling “that’s a female! She a Female!” Doesn’t give her a fucking pass to NOT get arrested let alone to IGNORE the officers instructions. Just the mere fact that she’s a female don’t mean she can’t hurt the officer or damage property. So in case you ignorant people didn’t understand that, BEING A FEMALE DON’T MEAN SHIT as far as being treated differently when getting arrested. Don’t matter who you are, what you are, what color you are, if you don’t follow directions, you get dealt with accordingly. Remember Police “react” to what the situation is given. You speak calmly, we speak calmly, if you want to speak over us, we will get louder, if you want to yell and swear and act a damn fool, then you get treated like a fool. You have a gun, we shoot. Simple as that. Remember that and you ignorant people such as these in the video may actually go home instead of getting arrested, being shot, or dead.