VIDEO: 3-4 Chicago Officers Hurt After 'Protesters' Attack Following Shooting

Protesters turned violent Saturday night following a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Chicago, IL - Protesters in Chicago started attacking police officers following a fatal officer-involved shooting earlier Saturday evening (videos below.)

The incident happened in the area of 71st St and Chappel Ave at around 5:30 p.m.

Chicago PD Chief of Patrol Fred Waller said that officers were working foot patrol when they spotted a man who looked like he may have a weapon in his waistband.

The officers confronted the suspect, who then became combative. As the suspect fought with officers, he flailed away from them.

The suspect then appeared to be reaching for his weapon, and officers fatally shot him.

Officers recovered a semi-automatic firearm and magazines from the suspect.

Chief Waller added that the suspect did not have a concealed carry permit.

The suspect and officers have not been identified at this time.

Almost immediately following the shooting, a large crowd of protesters formed and started threatening to shoot the police.

The crowd spread the story about how a barber named "Snoop" was unarmed and shot in the back as he was walking home from work.

The crowd also created a second narrative where people claimed that Snoop was armed, but they said he had a concealed carry permit.

The crowd started jumping on police cars and clashing with officers.

Many in the crowd threatened police officers, saying that they better not be around come nighttime.

At around sunset, people in the crowd started to throw glass bottles, rocks, and bottles of urine at officers. Chief Waller said three to four officers were injured in the attacks.

Officers responded by ordering the protesters back and taking down troublemakers and people who refused to listen.

You can see multiple videos from Chicago Sun-Times reported Nader Issa below:

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It's getting even worse it seems, when an ARMED and COMBATIVE person is killed but people are STILL blaming the cops without any evidence whatsoever. It's gotten so that the cops are treated with a "guilty never to be proven innocent" ruling within mere hours of an event. I pray for the safety of the CPD officers and the community members who actually want to live peacefully. The scariest part to me is that with a crowd that size the lies, rumors, conjecture moves like wildfire and is just as dangerous.


This shit is getting really old!! People are jumping to conclusions with out getting all the facts!! Very scary situation be safe CPD have everyone's back!!


Chicago PD can't possibly win. They are attacked from all sides. They are cast as the invading force by activists, their politicians, and community "leaders" The media ramps every event into an escalated call to attack them. An OIS of a man with a gun gets transformed into an unarmed man shot in the back for no reason. The lie spreads like wildfire and predictably protests turn into riots. In other words, a typical Saturday night is Chiraq.


Trash fools are an embarrassment to my race!


Time to give the police the credit they deserve for even dealing with these morons. These thugs use any excuse to go up against police and they deserve to be treated like the vermin they are.