VIDEO: 2 Troopers, 2 Deputies Fired For Whooping Suspect Resisting Arrest

Sandy Malone

A ex-West Virginia state trooper has been indicted in connection with a beating he delivered to a 16-year-old driver.

Martinsburg, WV – The Berkeley County Prosecutor’s Office released video of an alleged excessive force incident involving two West Virginia state troopers and a 16-year-old boy (video below).

The incident began after a vehicle driven by the 16 year old rear-ended Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy C.S. Merson, who was responding to a call in Spring Mill, Herald-Mail Media reported.

The teenager fled after he struck the deputy’s vehicle, and Deputy Merson pursued him.

The video, which was taken from a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office vehicle, showed began with the deputy pursuing the car that had hit him.

Then the 16-year-old boy lost control of his vehicle and wrecked, striking a utility pole in the process, the video showed.

In the video, Deputy Merson immediately approached the vehicle and used his retractable baton to smash out the driver’s window to rescue the suspect.

Berkeley County Prosecuting Attorney Catie Wilkes-Delligatti said the car’s door handle had been damaged in the crash and would not open, West Virginia Metro News reported.

Trooper First Class Derek Walker arrived on the scene as Deputy Merson was clearing glass from the frame of the window and assisted in pulling the 16-year-old driver out of the smoking car, the video showed.

They pulled him out of the car through the window and put him on the ground.

That’s when the West Virginia State Trooper Michael Kennedy and Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy Austin Ennis arrived on the scene to assist, West Virginia Metro News reported.

The video showed the 16 year old struggled and resisted arrest as officers sought to handcuff him.

Deputies Merson and Ennis and Trooper Walker were all on the ground trying to subdue the boy when the video showed Trooper Kennedy began kicking him.

The video showed Trooper Kennedy put his knee in the boy’s back to pin him to the ground while another officer applied handcuffs.

The boy continued to resist arrest, and Trooper Kennedy suddenly started punching the 16 year old in the head, repeatedly, with a closed fist, the video showed.

The video showed the trooper punched the boy at least eight times.

Then he helped get the boy to his feet before he roughly tossed him to the ground again, the video showed.

The teen driver was transported to the hospital and later released, Herald-Mail Media reported.

Deputy Merson was injured in the incident and required stitches in his hand.

Troopers Kennedy and Walker were initially suspended without pay during the investigation, but were fired by the state on Jan. 18, the West Virginia Metro News reported.

Berkeley County Sheriff Curtis Keller terminated Deputies Merson and Ennis in January, too.

“He was there at the incident,” Sheriff Keller said of Deputy Ennis at the time he was suspended, according to Herald-Mail Media.

Deputy Ennis’ termination was overturned by the peer hearing board, and the sheriff said on Monday that he would not appeal.

Sheriff Keller said Deputy Merson has not had his peer hearing board yet, Herald-Mail Media reported.

On Wednesday, former Trooper Kennedy was charged by a federal grand jury in connection with the incident.

U.S. Attorney Bill Powell and U.S. Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband, of the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, said in a joint news release that Kennedy was charged with one count of deprivation of rights under color of law, Herald-Mail Media reported.

The indictment said Kennedy was accused of assaulting the juvenile driver and injuring him during the arrest.

Kennedy faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000 if convicted, Herald-Mail Media reported.

Watch the incident unfold at 4:30 in the video below:

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In all fairness, you need to stop advertising this stuff. Even though you mean well, it is always taken the wrong way by a certain group. This makes life harder for police, which increases the frustration level, which leads to more instances like this. Police are being indicted and fired left and right to appease a certain segment of society because of the publicity given to these videos. Good officers lives are being ruined for doing their jobs. It's just a matter of time before no one will take the job and the ones with it will just stop doing it because it isn't worth it. These incidents are always reveiwed internally, it should never be influenced by uninformed public opinion.


I guess fleeing is not a felony in that state.


You don't think Facebook will care do you? They care for no one!


Trooper Kennedy was way over the top with his actions. He was not at scene or actively involved in the pursuit so to say the adrenaline was flowing is not part of the equation. No excuse for his actions as 3 other LEO's on scene.


The trooper deserved to be fired. The others did nothing wrong that I could see unless they lied in their reports..


Change the title to the article:

“Four Cops Going to Prison for Being Thugs”


Another turd being made a wealthy martyr while cops end up in jail - all for nothing! Three things I try to avoid myself!


Flop and drop proves premeditated beating and attempted cover-up.


Sorry to say, he needs to be charged for this. Totally unacceptable


Since one did being in a hit and run accident then fleeing at a high rate of speed placing other innocent citizens at serious risk while driving a 4,000 lbs deadly weapon at high rates of speed warrant being arrested gently while being permitted to continue aggressively resist arrest your arrest. Why wasn't their any audio on the clip I'm curious what the poor child was saying as well.