Veteran NC Trooper Suspended Over Anti-Liberal Social Media Post

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Sergeant Jonathan Whitley posted his thoughts about several controversial issues.

Raleigh, NC – A 23-year veteran of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation into a social media post he made expressing his personal opinions on a variety of issues.

“The State Highway Patrol is aware of the incident in question and is conducting an internal investigation,” State Highway Patrol Sergeant Michael Baker told The News & Observer on Thursday.

Sergeant Jonathan Whitley, who has served the State Highway Patrol since 1996, has been heavily criticized for an Instagram post he made under the username “jkwhitley2608,” according to the paper.

In the post, Sgt. Whitley said he wanted to share “a few random thoughts” before he went to bed.

He started off by declaring he would “never vote for a Democrat for any reason,” then later said he “can’t wait” to vote for President Donald Trump again.

“Ninety-nine percent of the media are anti-American, liberal supporting communist, and I can’t stand them,” Sgt. Whitley railed.

He also denounced the public education system, and referred to college campuses as “indoctrination centers.”

The sergeant praised America’s farmers, and asserted that “people [who] sue farmers should be starved to death.”

Critics were especially offended by his comments regarding inmates and suspects who fight with police.

“If you act like a fool toward police and you tote a beat down, don’t get on TV in hopes of getting your check,” Sgt. Whitley wrote. “The police already gave you what you deserve.”

He added that “prisoners should be busting rocks for 16 hours a day,” and that correctional officers “should be busting [the] heads” of those who refuse.

Sgt. Whitley blasted welfare and low-income housing programs, and argued that people should not expect to receive special treatment because of their race.

“I didn’t own a slave so I owe you nothing,” he said. “Including your HUD housing and EBT card…God gave me my ability, and I put in the work so you ain’t getting what’s mine.”

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He added that he has “no use” for “pathetic…weak leaders,” and pledged his “utmost respect” to the United States military and flag.

“I have the exact opposite for the NFL,” Sgt. Whitley noted. “I despise whiners. Do the job you are paid to do or quit.”

It was unclear what penalty the veteran trooper might face if he is found to be in violation of State Highway Patrol policy.

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The damn truth is what he posted.


I personally don't think he said a word out'a line ! I know there are some bad apples in the barrel, you'll find that in ALL occupations !! It's time for TRUE TALK ! Most ALL people over the age of 35 or so feel the exact same way ! And I'm not saying this because I'm racist, in fact, I'm the furthest from a RACIST! I have great friends of several races and I'm SICK of the race card being thrown around like it's a piece of candy ! I take it seriously. My son happens to be a LEO and I just HATE that he chose this abusive career where there is ZERO respect for the duties he performs, not to mention getting shot at over the doing the job ! How would you like to go to work and put up with that kinda garbage ? SMDH ! Good luck to you officer, but I'm afraid that your career is over Sir. So sorry


Sgt. Whitley has nothing to apologize for. He sounds like myself, and other (now retired) old school cops who prefer to tell it like it is and not kiss a... Times have changed and the leftist libtards have brown nosed their way to command positions where there desire to punish anything remotely patriotic or Conservative. If the Sgt had written a diatribe criticizing the POTUS, supporting amnesty for illegals, open borders, removing historical monuments because they are not politically correct, and removing American Flag decals from law enforcement and fire fighting vehicles because our flag might be "offensive" to someone, etc. Etc. ad nauseam, he would have made Lieutenant. Hold your head high LT. You have done nothing wrong. Offending the "Swamp Creatures" (Brass) is laudable.


Well said Trooper!


He said nothing wrong. With that, a message to all officers - STAY OFF of social media until you retire, then speak your mind without fear of some ballless administrator who is more concerned about the publics perception of him/her than what happens to you. I was retired for almost 5 years before venturing into the dark world of social media, where people say whatever they want, but have a different standard for police officers.