URGENT: Suspected Gunman Ronnie Wilson Wanted For Shooting Cop

Ronnie Wilson is wanted for shooting a Knoxville police officer on Thursday night.

Knoxville, TN - A Knoxville police officer was shot on Washington Pike in front of Target Thursday night, according to Knoxville PD, and the suspect has been identified as Ronnie Lucas Wilson.

Ronnie Wilson, 31, escaped after the shooting of the Knoxville officer during a traffic stop and is still on the run.

Wilson has a Tazewell Pike address and may be driving a black mid 70's Chevrolet Nova with a red strip on the hood.

He's also apparently an Aryan Nations gang member and covered in white supremacist tattoos.

He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. If spotted, call 911 immediately.

The officer has been transported to hospital and their condition still has not been released. UPDATE: Travis Dorman reports that the officer was identified as Officer Jay William. He is listed in stable condition.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the officer and the other officers hunting the gunman.

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@bronx163 I like how you call out one cop shooter, but not all. What about this guy? I suppose you support his supremacist leanings, because that's the only difference I see between this guy and the story following this one.


Hes a dirtbag too who should be purged from the earth via electric chair.
Hows that my socialist uptopia friend.
Happy trolling👍😎


I hope the Officer will be ok


@bronx163 lol you were all "THE WAR IS ON!" when the shooter has dreads. But let the shooter have a White Power tattoo, and he's a dirtbag.

So... What kind of war are you waiting for, exactly?


HI_est, I have a question that probably needs to be asked. What is your agenda? You post regularly to this police website in a seemingly endless argument with no consistency. It appears to me that you never really have a point, rather you try to stir up responses from the anonymity of your keyboard. The theme of your comments suggest that you have no experience or training in dealing with the criminal element of our society. You do have theories about virtually every story, based solely on the limited information provided in the media coverage, which only demonstrate your ignorance as to reality.

It seems to me that if you have viable suggestions about how things might have been handled differently you would bring those up. Given that I have yet to see any sort of realistic discussion from you, rather just comments intended to stir up responses counter to your points, your intent seems to be only confrontational. Again, from the safety and anonymity of your keyboard

While not intending to speak for all, I will take from a comment previously posted. In the real world, where we work, there are three types of people. Those who follow the rules established by our society, those who push the line because of some sort of feeling of entitlement and those who are predators. We have nicknames for these different groups that may differ based mostly on our geographical location. An "a$$hole" is pretty well understood no matter where you may inquire. The color of their skin, the amount of ink on their skin or the condition of their clothes has no bearing on the designation. Their behavior clearly places a person into their respective category.

Here is a basic tenet of a lawful society: Laws are established for the peace and well-being of all. A certain segment of said society is tasked with enforcing those laws for the good of all. Most (probably 98% based on my un-scientific experience) abide by the rules of society. The remainder are the predators. By the nature of our work we interact with those who do not abide by the mores and norms of society more often than not.

One of the basic laws of the land is that the authority vested to a law enforcement officer is to be obeyed. You may not agree with what happens on the street, that is what courts and internal investigations are for. However, in the moment on the street every one of us is required to submit to the authority established by society and demonstrated by a uniform or badge. Any of us may not like it, but it's the way it is.

Notwithstanding what you may have read, Ferguson did not happen because an Officer used deadly force on an innocent juvenile, it happened because a large person attempted to seriously injure a peace officer.