URGENT: Female Killer At Large After Killing Lookalike To Take Identity

Lois Riess allegedly shot and killed her husband and then killed a woman who looked like her to take her identity.

Fort Myers Beach, FL – A Minnesota woman allegedly murdered her husband, fled to Florida, found a female look-a-like, killed her, and stole her identity and is on the run.

Lois Riess, 56, spotted her doppelganger Pamela Hutchinson, 59, while she was in Florida. Riess managed to get inside Hutchinson's home and then Riess shot and killed Hutchinson, according to WCCO-TV.

Riess is alleged to have killed her husband, David, March 23 in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

His body was discovered after business partners hadn’t heard from him and asked for a welfare check.

Police found David Riess' body with gunshot wounds.

Investigators said that Lois Riess then forged signatures to get $11,000 from the business account of her husband.

Police were able to locate her at an Iowa casino but Riess had left before police arrived. Authorities believe Riess then drove to Florida in her husband’s car and ditched the car in Fort Myers Beach.

Reiss is known to have a gambling addiction and may frequent casinos.

On April 9, police found the body of Pam Hutchinson in her condominium.

“Riess’s mode of operation is to befriend women who resemble her and steal their identity,” Lee County Undersheriff Carmine Marcino said.

Police think that Riess shot Hutchinson with the same gun she used on her husband. Riess then stole Hutchinson’s identification, credit cards and car.

Surveillance images showed Riess walking outside Hutchinson’s building and driving away in a white 2005 Honda or Acura.

Police think that Riess left Florida and drove 1,300 miles along the gulf coast through Louisiana and to Texas, according to WCCO.

Police sent out a warning that Riess is armed and dangerous and should not be approached. They think she could kill again in a desperate attempt to stay ahead of police.

There is a warrant for her arrest for murder, grand theft auto, and grand theft of personal identification in the Florida case.

This is a nationwide manhunt. Please share her picture on social media. If located, do not approach, call 911.

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I'd imagine she expected to use their identities for only a short period of time.
I'll be waiting to hear about any motive for this series of murders, though.


Animal! Hope she gets beheaded!!

Don D
Don D

"It sounds like she is a pathalogically (sic) dangerous person". You don't have to have a PhD to arrive at that conclusion. And you misspelled pathologically. I hope your doctorate is not in Forensic Psychology.


Evil bitch


Actually not they are in fact both Honda’s and produced by the Honda Auto Manufacturing... Ohio, Greensburg Indiana, Alabama, United States as well as several Canadian Manufacture plants...... just like Lexus is really a Toyota Camry on steroids. I know this because my roommate worked for Honda motor company.