URGENT: At-Large Suspect Stole Guns, Left Mass Shooting Manifesto


Police say Dustin Hamilton stole guns and wrote a manifesto for a mass shooting.

San Francisco, CA - Law enforcement agencies are urgently searching for a suspect who allegedly stole guns and left behind a 20-page manifesto threatening a mass shooting.

KNTV reports that a San Jose couple returned home from vacation Wednesday night to find that their home was burglarized, and their shotgun and .357 Magnum revolver were missing.

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They also found a binder left behind by their estranged son, 44-year-old Dustin Hamilton, which contained a 20-page manifesto threatening to attack innocent people and San Francisco police.

The family says that Hamilton is schizophrenic and off of his medication.

KNTV reports that Hamilton frequents the areas of Bryant and Delancy streets in San Francisco.

Hamilton has two outstanding felony warrants for assault and vandalism, according to KGO. Additional warrants have now been obtained for burglary, threats, and firearm possession.

San Jose PD is working with San Francisco PD to attempt to locate the suspect and they are asking for the public's assistance.

Hamilton should be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

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Seriously? In San Francisco? He’s seeking sanctuary in THE sanctuary city.


I think that's ChumpCop I mean Runcops brother