Two Men Arrested For Taking Turns Wearing Ballistic Vest And Shooting Each Other

Two Arkansas men were arrested after they took turns shooting each other while wearing bulletproof vests

Rogers, AK – Two Arkansas men were arrested after police said each put on a bullet proof vest and then shot each other.

One of the men was angered how painful it was after asking the other man to shoot him and then unloaded the rest of his magazine into his neighbor’s back after the neighbor had put on the vest.

The incident started when Charles Ferris, 50, was on the back deck of his house drinking with Christopher Hicks, 36, on Sunday, according to KHBS.

Ferris had on a ballistic vest vest and then told Hicks to shoot him while he had the vest on.

Hicks shot Ferris in the chest one time with a .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, according to KHBS.

The bullet hit Ferris in the top left corner of the vest and the vest did stop the bullet but Ferris was still injured and had a red mark on his chest.

Ferris then took off the bulletproof vest and had Hicks put it on. According to the police report, Ferris was angry about getting shot and how much pain it caused so he “unloaded the [magazine] into Christopher’s back.”

None of the bullets got through the vest, but Hicks suffered bruises.

Ferris went to the hospital, which alerted police to his injuries. When police talked to Ferris, he first told deputies a story about protecting an “asset” for $200 and that he was shot guarding that asset by a man wearing a white suit.

Police then spoke to Ferris’ wife. She told police her husband and neighbor were on the deck drinking when she heard a gunshot.

She said her husband later complained about the injury and she told him to go to the hospital, according to the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

That’s when Ferris told police about drinking with Hicks and how they shot themselves while each was wearing the vest, according to KHBS.

Ferris and Hicks were each arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault.

Their court date is May 13.

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Hicks said "Hello Ferris?.....I'm going to cook up some ribs tonight. Why don't you bring over some beer and come over about 5 pm. And don't forget to bring over the two bullet proof vests you were mentioning. I had an idea"

Little did Ferris know it involved taking shots at each other but hey ,after each drinking a six pack , the idea sounded more interesting.


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