TV Anchor Suspended Then Resigns After He Defends Justice Kavanaugh On Facebook

Tom Gantert

Kris Long defended Judge Kavanaugh on Facebook and was suspended by the TV station before resigning

Palm Springs, CA – A California TV news anchor who defended Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on a Facebook post has resigned after he was suspended by the TV station.

Kris Long resigned his position as news anchor from KESQ after he wrote a 400-word Facebook post.

Gulf California Broadcast Company General Manager Jerry Upham wrote Oct. 5 that the Palm Springs CBS affiliate accepted Long's resignation “effective immediately,” according to the Palm Springs Desert Sun. Long had been off TV since Sept. 17.

“Kris Long has been an integral part of this company’s news organization and we’d like to thank him for his many years of service,” Upham wrote, according to the Palm Springs Desert Sun.

“I want to thank those who have offered support and apologize again for any I may have offended,” Long said, according to the Palm Springs Desert Sun. “I hope to return to the news business in the future.”

Long told the Palm Springs Desert Sun in an interview before he resigned he stood by his Facebook post. He said he condemns rape and understood why some victims of sexual assault opt not to report the crime immediately.

“I wish I hadn’t a written (the post) because it’s caused me a lot of headache," he told the Palm Springs Desert Sun.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Long started his Facebook post by supporting the #MeToo movement.

"I have absolutely no sympathy for the increasingly long list of well-known names who have fallen from grace because they thought with their little head and not their big one," Long wrote.

“You are beyond dreaming if you think 17-year-old boys are not going to misbehave from time to time as they begin to attempt relationships with the opposite sex,” Long wrote. “That is just the way animals are made!”

In Long’s Facebook post, he wrote that “few things are more serious than rape.” But the anchor said he had an issue with the timing of Ford’s claim and that it “stinks of political maneuvering.”

Long said in his Facebook post if he were nominated for the Supreme Court, “they might have to enlarge the Senate hearing room to accommodate all the young women from the mid to late 1960's who felt that I had tried to go a bit too far!”

Long did delete the Facebook post and replaced it with an apology.

Long’s Facebook post had more than 160 comments in the hours after Long posted it.

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Good. You're a newscaster, you're supposed to be neutral.

If you agree or disagree with a news program, it's not a news program. It's a talk show.


Degenerate leftists say neutral but what they mean is never deviate from the dictates of the collective. They cheer partisan political activity that supports the socialists cause but must immediately destroy anyone who disagrees.


"...we’d like to thank him for his many years of service..."

Ummmm...might want to try a better way than suspending him and then accepting his resignation.


They are supposed to be neutral but they rarely are, spinning their own thoughts into a story. Most are leftist, crying out if one of their leftist's counterparts are being treated "Unfairly" to one of theirs yet rarely mentioning someone from the conservative right's thoughts. Look how the Dem's and Rep's praised Ford during the hearings yet when Kavanaugh spoke, obviously and righteously angry for being accused they were extremely rude and nasty to him. Dem's seem to control the media but those with an attitude of innocent until proven guilty know the truth and respect others views without rioting and an "in your face" attitude. I hate to watch the news because we rarely get the truth.


glad he resigned, a man should never work for someone dumber than he is


For all the triggered souls, here's a great piece of advice i can give you. Stop watching national news. It is not news. Watch local news then read what the associated press or an international aggregate of news has to say on the national/world scale. If you watch CNN or Fox News or any national news network, you're watching talk shows, not news.

Again, if you nod in agreement when watching news, you're no longer watching news.