Trump To Seek Execution Of Certain Drug Traffickers

President Trump is planning to seek the death penalty for some drug traffickers.

Washington, D.C. - On Sunday the White House announced that they intend to seek the death penalty for drug traffickers "where appropriate under the law," according to Fox News.

The White House also announced that the president would ask congress to lower the amount of drugs needed to trigger mandatory minimum sentencing.

Fox News reports that President Trump should make a formal announcement about the plan on Monday during his visit to New Hampshire.

During a visit to Pennsylvania on Wednesday, President Trump voiced support for cracking down on drug dealers.

"A drug dealer will kill two thousand, three thousand, five thousand people during the course of his or her life," President Trump said last week. "Thousands of people are killed, or their lives are destroyed, or their families are destroyed. So you can kill thousands of people and go to jail for thirty days."

"They catch a drug dealer, they don't even put him in jail," the president continued. "Think of it, you kill one person, you get the death penalty in many states or you get life imprisonment. You think of it - you kill five thousand people with drugs because you're smuggling them in and you're making a lot of money, and people are dying, and they don't even put you in jail, they don't do anything!"

"I don't think we should play games," President Trump concluded. "These people are killing our kids, and they're killing our families, and we have to do something."

The new plan to attack the opioid crisis will involve bolstering law enforcement in combating smuggling and trafficking, launching an education campaign, and improving federal funding for treatment.

Do you think that drug dealers and drug traffickers should be sentenced to death? We'd like to hear from you. Please let us know in the comments.

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Never been to any of those places. I cited what I got from the officers who work the problem in the cities and countries that I lived in or visited. As far as I know, the dope dealers are killing people in California just fine. People buy weed from illegal dealers because it's cheaper. People who do heroin require more and more dope to stay well. They really aren't getting high as much as they are trying to stave off withdrawal symptoms. I really don't care about weed, although I think that turning loose another intoxicant on our streets was really stupid. Colorado and WA are learning that now. Re the harmful nature of weed, according to a study just released on AOL today, any sort of smoke is bad for your lungs. Finally, comparing weed to alcohol is silly. THC is an alcohol. Finally, my experience is that the guy who sells you weed, can get you cocaine. The guy that gets you coke can get you meth or heroin. This comes from 12 and a half years of specialized narcotics experience.


@FSchloss and what exactly am I seeing in California now? Heroin isn't decriminalized in California.

If you're talking about weed, again you are wrong. Why would anyone go to the trouble of texting their weed man for a meetup when they can stop by their nearest dispensary? Further, weed does not belong in the same sentence as heroin and other hard drugs. If you're talking weed, you're talking coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol.


@FSchloss how about Costa Rica or Argentina? How have their drug statistics fared since decriminalizing?