Trump said yesterday that black folk built this country. An easy way to get black folk on his side…


Trump said yesterday that black folk built this country. An easy way to get black folk on his side before the election would be to act on this statement and executively order some kind of Reparations package for black Americans who are descendants of slavery.

What would you, as a staunch supporter of his, do if that package came to fruition?

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Seeing as how it was your own cousins that started the slave trade, fine! Have the blacks pay the reparations.. You can't be serious... Ain't nobody going to pay shit for something that happened over 200 years ago, white, black, or purple. You just want to suck the "free shit" tit like most democrats in this country.. Welfare was created to get blacks free shit so they'll keep voting Democrat..

Free shit ride is over!

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Expecting something to be rewarded yourself, for some harm or great achievement of one's ancestors really shows an entitlement attitude. It would be like my kids expecting me to care for them forever because I worked so hard my whole life and became successful as a result, but worse.

What would these so-called reparations be based upon, skin color? I was born here, along with my father and grandfathers. None of my ancestors were involved in the slave trade to my knowledge. My father and grandfathers were not rich; my grandfathers were quite poor by my standards. Would I be expected to pay reparations because I happened to be born with a certain genetic background? That seems unconstitutional, discriminatory, and even unethical.

Not surprisingly, "Only 6% of white Americans support cash payments to the descendants of slaves, compared to 59% of black Americans. Similarly, only 19% of whites – and 63% of blacks – support special education and job training programs for the descendants of slaves."

"The people to whom reparations are owed are long dead; our duty is to the living, and to generations yet to come, and their interests are best served by liberty and prosperity, not by moral theory." - Kevin D. Williamson.

Should Obama get reparations too? How about African American members of Congress making $175,000 per year plus perks?

Providing compensation to a certain group of people for something that happened a long time ago, or penalizing another group who were entirely uninvolved is flat out racist.