#TrampolineGate - Deputy Under Investigation For Jumping On Trampoline

Facebook user TanyaLee Smith shared the video, then declared that the deputies ruined her daughter's father's life.

Kernville, CA – Surveillance footage of a uniformed Kern County sheriff’s deputy bouncing on a trampoline has led to an internal investigation by the department.

Facebook user TanyaLee Smith shared the video on the social media platform on Saturday.

According to the video’s timestamp, it was recorded just before 11:30 a.m. on Feb. 8.

“Kern county sheriffs as [they] protect and serve and spend our tax dollars wisely,” Smith captioned the video.

The footage showed five uniformed law enforcement officers as they walked through a cluttered, fenced-in area, then stopped near a large trampoline.

After they spoke for a moment, two deputies tapped the trampoline with their batons before one of them climbed up onto it and began bouncing, the video showed.

Another deputy appeared to record him with his phone, as the other officers wandered off-screen.

A moment later, the deputy leapt off of the trampoline, and they all walked out of the frame.

“These sheriff’s have continued to have nothing better to do then continually harass my daughter’s father for years and years and have literally made his life hell,” Smith wrote in a comment on the video thread.

“They think it’s a game and are ruining his life as if they don’t have anything better to do like their jobs,” she railed. “It’s bull s--t and I wish there was something that could be done.”

Smith did not name her daughter’s father, nor did she elaborate on how Kern County deputies have ruined his life.

It was also unclear if her outrage was due to the video of the deputy jumping on a trampoline, or if she was upset by some other incident.

Smith has not responded to Blue Lives Matter’s request for comment.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office said that the incident is a “personnel issue,” and that they are “looking into” the video, KERO reported.

You can watch the deputy testing out the trampoline in the video below:

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Aw I was hoping to see a back flip....


Those mean ole cops go after criminals. How dare they?


I'm kinda surprised she didn't throw in a complaint that the officers were clubbing her tramp o line...And GOOD GRIEF, that yard is a complete hazard .... she needs a zoning ticket and more


From what I could tell the Deputy was looking for higher ground and believed that with the bounce added to by the trampoline he would be able to view what crimes were being committed within his view. Seems to me he should be commended for using the available resources to pursue his objective. And all that without adding on to the cost of the search.


human sees bouncy surface - human jumps on bouncy surface. not newsworthy. next!