Tired Of Losing, Baltimore Gives Up, Drops Case Against Sgt. White

The charges against Sergeant Alicia White were dismissed on Wednesday by Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Baltimore, MD - All administrative charges against Baltimore Police Sergeant Alicia White in the in-custody death of Freddie Gray were dismissed on Wednesday.

Sergeant White was the last officer facing discipline in the case, and the charges could have resulted in her termination.

This means that means that all six officers who were involved in the arrest and death of Gray will keep their jobs.

The other five officers were Officer Caesar R. Goodson Jr., Officer Garrett E. Miller, Officer Edward M. Nero, Officer William G. Porter, and Lieutenant Brian W. Rice.

Baltimore police spokesman T.J. Smith said that Commissioner Davis "feels proceeding with this administrative hearing would not be in good faith, and has dismissed the charges," according to The Baltimore Sun.

Criminal charges against the six officers had been brought by State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who saw them charged without apparent probable cause before an investigation was done.

Her charges against the officer stem from the idea that officers didn't have probable cause to arrest Gray and that failing to seatbelt a prisoner was the equivalent of murdering him.

Once the matter was fully investigated by the DOJ, their report contradicted Mosby's claims.

"Gray’s unprovoked flight from Lieutenant Rice, which occurred in an area known for drug sales, gave the officers reasonable suspicion to briefly detain him. Miller’s discovery of a knife that appeared to be an illegal switchblade supplied probable cause to arrest Gray,” the DOJ report said. “The evidence in this matter overwhelmingly contradicted reports from some civilian witnesses that Gray was either tased or beaten by the officers.”

Lieutenant Rice, Officer Nero, and Officer Goodson were acquitted by a judge during bench trials last year. The remaining charges against Police Officers Porter and Miller, and Sergeant White were then dropped by Mosby once she realized that she had no chance of successfully prosecuting the officers.

Five of the six officers have filed a lawsuit against Marilyn Mosby and Assistant Sheriff Samuel Cogen for malicious prosecution. Sheriff Cogen wrote the statements of probable cause against the officers at a time when no probable cause appeared to exist.

Five of the officers had administrative charges brought against them, with the department moving to fire three of those officers.

Officers Miller and Porter accepted minor department discipline and have now returned to work.

Rather than accept termination, Lieutenant Rice and Officer Goodson took the issue to a trial board which completely exonerated them.

Now that it's clear that the trial board established that the officers didn't knowingly violate any policies, the administrative charges against Sergeant White have been dropped.

Before Wednesday's dismissal, Sergeant White had faced termination from 25 charges with an administrative trial date set for December 5.

Sergeant White's attorney, Tony Garcia, said that she was "grateful" for the decision, according to The Baltimore Sun.

"She has always maintained her innocence from the very beginning...But she doesn't feel she did anything wrong."

In a statement, the Fraternal Order of Police said "the evidence shows that what happened to Mr. Gray was a tragic and unintentional accident."

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