Three-Time Superbowl Champ Indicted On Felony Drug Charges

New England Patriot's defensive end Patrick Chung was indicted on a felony charge of cocaine possession on Aug. 8.

Meredith, NH – A three-time National Football League (NFL) Super Bowl winner was indicted for felony cocaine possession on Aug. 8.

The indictment said that on June 25, New England Patriots defensive back Patrick Chung "did possess or have under his control a quantity of the controlled substance cocaine" in Meredith, the Laconia Daily Sun reported.

The incident occurred when the burglar alarm went off at Chung’s New Hampshire home while the 32-year-old NFL player was not there.

"Patrick Chung’s home in Meredith had an alarm tripped for a B&E. Police show up to check on the home, have probable cause to enter the home, and ultimately end up finding cocaine, leading to the investigation and indictment,” Jim Murray of The Sport Hub in Boston tweeted, according to the Laconia Daily Sun.

Belknap County Attorney Andrew Livernois confirmed that Meredith Police Department officers had received a call for service and responded to Chung’s home.

Livernois said that while police were checking for burglars, they discovered probable cause that Chung had committed a crime, the Laconia Daily Sun reported.

The county attorney said Chung was not arrested at that time because he was not present on the property.

Harry Starbranch, a former deputy Strafford County attorney who is now a criminal defense attorney, told the Laconia Daily Sun that it appeared officers had done everything right.

“The rule of thumb is if the police are in a place where they have a right to be then anything they see is fair game,” Starbranch said. “But it has to be in plain view. They can’t go searching.”

The New England Patriots’ management released a statement that said the team would not comment until Chung’s “judicial proceedings take place,” according to CNN.

"We will monitor developments in the law enforcement matter,” the NFL said in a statement.

The professional football player is due in be arraigned on Aug. 28 in Belknap County Superior Court in Laconia.

Chung, a second-round draft pick for the Patriots in 2009, has played 10 years in the NFL, CNN reported.

He made $1.9 million in 2018 and has been a member of three of the New England Patriots’ winning Super Bowl teams.

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No way. He looks much to smart to do something like that!!!!/s


His team owner participates in prostitution and possibly contributes to sex trafficking. Maybe there's a leadership issue in the Patriots' management.


Won't stick... He was not home and they can't prove it was his. Any of the 7 roomates teammates, hookers or the burglar could have left it there.

Any public defender will get this thrown out!


I’m sure it didn’t belong to anyone who lived there. I’m sure everyone there follows the laws. THEY ARE ALL GOOD MOMA’S BOYS ISN'T THAT THE “correct quote”? 🙄


its amazing how many of these NFL Lowlifes get a once in a million opportunity and earn income waaaay beyond what they would be able to earn in any other capacity ...and yet still find so many ways to blow the opportunity they were handed and then lose the job and income.

..and you will hear them say " We need jobs in the black community" despite the lowest level of black unemployment in US history.

Some people just can't be helped as they cannot see the forest due to all the trees blocking their view.