This Man Shot Deputy In Back Of Head, Changed Clothes, And Escaped

Authorities are searching for the man who shot a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy in the back of the head on Monday.

Alhambra, CA – There is a manhunt underway for the man responsible for shooting an off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy in the back of the head while he was waiting for his meal at Jack in the Box on Monday night.

Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva said the deputy was waiting for his food to be ready at the fast food restaurant on Valley Boulevard at about 6 p.m. on June 10 when he was "tragically and senselessly shot in the head,” ABC News reported.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has not released the wounded deputy’s name but said the 13-year veteran of their department remained in critical condition at County-University of Southern California Medical Center on Tuesday morning.

"He needs our prayers," Sheriff Villanueva told reporters.

Detectives are trying to determine whether the deputy was specifically targeted as a member of law enforcement, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The deputy was off duty and wearing street clothes when he was shot.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Captain Kent Wegener said the deputy wasn’t displaying a holster, badge, or anything else to indicate he was a law enforcement officer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The shooting was captured on the restaurant’s surveillance cameras and authorities quickly circulated pictures of the suspect inside and outside the restaurant, as well as a shot of the white Kia SUV he was driving when he fled.

Capt. Wegener said investigators have not determined a motive for the shooting, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"There doesn't appear to be an overt motive,” the captain said. “There is no audio to the video, so we don't know if there were words exchanged. At this point we are interviewing witnesses that were at the scene and reviewing evidence… at the scene.”

He warned that anyone who aided or hid the suspect could be charged.

“It’s time to turn him in,” Capt. Wegener said. “You don’t want to be associated with this man, and the sheriff's department is going to spare no resources to locate this suspect."

The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic male in his 20s, standing between five-foot-nine and five-foot-eleven-inches tall, the Los Angeles Times reported.

At the time of the shooting, the suspect was wearing jeans, a button-down short-sleeved shirt, a fedora, and sunglasses.

But a neighborhood security camera captured video of him changing his clothes nearby after the incident, the Los Angeles Times reported.

He was believed to be wearing black pants and a black t-shirt after he changed.

The suspect was driving a 2006 Kia Sportage with paper license plates, the New York Daily News reported.

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This perp is either well known to/by this off duty LEO, or he is totally mentally ill beyond any redemption. Just walking up behind someone and busting a cap on them is not any kind of rational act. It may be hate-based, but in any case, it is NOT rational.


Got an idea there is more to this story.


Antifa? The police baiting of the Corrupt Liberal News Media, Black Lives Matter and "liberal" politicans has its consequences.


some people just think thats gonna save them