Third Man Arrested For Murder For Shooting Of Ahmaud Arbery

Christopher Berg

A third man has been arrested for murder.

by Sandy Malone and Christopher Berg

Brunswick, GA - The man who recorded the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery was arrested Thursday for the murder and attempted false imprisonment of Arbery.

William "Roddie" Bryan, joins Gregory McMichael and Travis McMichael in being charged for murder, according to NBC News.

Bryan was in his yard when he saw Arbery running while being followed by a truck occupied by the McMichaels.

Bryan followed because he wanted to get a picture of Arbery as a possible suspect, according to Bryan's attorney, Kevin Gough.

"There had been a number of crimes in the neighborhood, and he didn't recognize him, and a vehicle that he did recognize was following him," Gough Said.

The video shows that Bryan was never directly involved in the altercation which left Arbery dead.

But lawyers for Arbery's family said that his involvement was clear.

"His involvement in the murder of Mr. Arbery was obvious to us, to many around the country and after their thorough investigation it was clear to the GBI as well," the attorney said.

The police report said the incident began when Arbery jogged past the home of Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, the Associated Press reported.

The McMichaels told police afterwards that they thought Arbery was the suspect in several recent burglaries in the neighborhood, so they armed themselves and followed him.

The men jumped in their pickup truck and followed the 25 year old as he jogged through the neighborhood.

The video, filmed by Bryan, who was following in another vehicle, showed Arbery running up the middle of the residential road toward a white pickup truck was stopped ahead of him. A white pickup truck was stopped in the road ahead of him.

In the video, Arbery dodged to the right onto the grass to go around the stopped truck.

Yelling can be heard in the video for a second, and then a gunshot, just before Arbery reappeared in front of the truck.

The video showed Gregory McMichael standing up in the bed of the pickup with a gun in his hand.

Arbery appeared to engage Travis McMichael, who was holding a shotgun, in a struggle for the gun that drifted off camera for a split second.

While they were off-camera, Travis McMichael’s gun went off – a puff of smoke is visible on the left side of the screen that indicated where the gunshot came from.

The video showed Arbery and Travis McMichael veered back into the frame, still engaged in a struggle over the gun, and then there was a third gunshot.

Arbery took a couple steps away from Travis McMichael and collapsed face-first in the middle of the street, the video showed.

Gregory McMichael got down from the back of the pickup, gun in hand, and was walking toward where Arbery lay on the ground as the video ended.

The police report said he claimed he and his son had called out to Arbery and told him they wanted to talk to him, the Associated Press reported.

Gregory McMichael told police that Arbery “began to violently attack” his son and then the two men fought over the shotgun.

Arbery was shot twice and died.

No arrests were made for more than two months after the shooting, prompting outrage from Arbery’s family and community.

It wasn’t until after the video was released and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) got involved that anything happened.

Forty-eight hours later, both Gregory and Travis McMichael were arrested for murder.

Since their arrests, a number of other videos have been released that allegedly showed Arbery trespassing in the home under construction in Satilla Shores.

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I think making a case against Bryan will be tough for the prosecutor. Apparently there was no interaction or communication with the McMichaels prior to the shooting and that will knock out any conspiracy. It also will be difficult to prove intent to commit a crime since Bryan was not in close proximity to the incident and didn't get out of his vehicle.

With the McMichaels, they have a problem and should probably pack a toothbrush when they come to court.

Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

My uninformed guess would be that it is related to the search warrant that was executed Tuesday night at the McMichaels' residence...


What kind of fucking retard would even consider bringing murder charges against Bryan in this situation, he’ll they’ll be lucky to convict the McMichaels since the “jogger” attacked.


Another white criminal male that was part of the lynch mob that murdered Mr Ahmaud Arbery has been apprehended and charged by the law enforcement officers at The Georgia Bureau of Investigation. That's good. Arbery's murder was horrible and the fact that it was recorded for posterity was worst, but the whitewash and unlawful cover up by the racist D.A.'s was the biggest atrocity. Hopefully all the men involved in this heinous crime will be convicted and spend the rest of their vile lives in prison and Justice will be served.

Ahmaud Arbery, rest in peace, your life mattered.


Who wrote this story? NBC, Blue Lives Matter, or the tooth fairy? Sorry, I've followed the story from before it became a national story, and this story has more false claims in it than almost anything I've read yet. Or, I suppose it's possible, every other report I've read and videos I've seen have been tampered with. SMH

Canadian Guy
Canadian Guy

It's been reported that the video taken by Bryan is actually over 4 minutes long. Why didn't they release the entire video?
It may be that these charges are related to the first 3.5 minutes of video that wasn't released.


This arrest is leverage to try and get him to incriminate the father and son. Strictly political, and strategically carried out to keep the
media coverage rolling!


why don't they arrest other who film officers being assaulted and even taunted by the video person?


It’s all political...all for show!

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

I am extremely glad that he video'd the encounter. If he had not done so, then I don't think there would have been any arrests and/or criminal charges here.