The end to racism has to stop somewhere! Pointing the finger at "the other side" and saying or…


The end to racism has to stop somewhere! Pointing the finger at "the other side" and saying or implying "you go first" is not the answer and will never work! Civil disobedience as an answer to real or perceived racism will never work. Anybody that pulls or goes for a gun in an interaction with police is taking a big chance -regardless of color. It's hard, but take the emotion out of the situation and examine all the facts...respectfully ask questions and if that doesn't work use the federal government. Instead of a protest that may cost more lives why don't you organize by registering to vote, support someone you believe will represent everyone and VOTE! It's not an easy answer, but it is answer that has integrity and will be a solution not just a "show". If at first you don't succeed try, try again! Ask yourself, "What would MLK do?" He died for what he believed in........organize to ELECT your representative in to honor MLK and achieve a solution to your problem. Teach your children not to draw weapons on law cooperate respectfully and peacefully and to live to right a wrong if something wrong has happened. Maybe body cams should be worn by those who distrust law enforcement....give it a thought. Please don't act in a way as to incite more violence and endanger move lives. Real strength is approaching your discontent or problem with your head not your heart. Give your problem to God and remember things happen by God's timeline not ours.....have faith! Reaction is easy ...patience is hard. Sometimes you have to let people "hang" themselves. Pride goeth before a fall....take your time and rely on faith. Talk to God and ask for direction and relief, but if you don't listen you can't hear. God bless and good luck to all.