The Court's are too lax in their sentencing for criminals like this guy. Personally I'd like to go back to the days of old where after the sentence was handed down that the criminal was to be punished by hanging. I'd like to see them go back to hanging the criminal on the Courthouse lawn and have it televised live around the country. I guarantee that more criminals would think twice before committing a crime if they saw what would happen to them. It may seem harsh to some of you but if you compare the statistics from the 1800s and now, you'll find that there was a lot less crime, a lot less because nobody wanted to die from being hung. They'd rather sit in a cell, do as they please, get fed 3 square meals a day, have a roof over their heads, P.T. in the yard and, if desired, be able to get a degree from college for free (on our money) as we have to still pay for our own educations. The officers used to get paid to go to Court and appear, but not anymore so unless they are subpoenaed, so why show up and lose pay when they coud be riding around in their air conditioned cars. Stop the corruption and go back to the old fashioned ways of enforcing the laws. I think that you'll find that the crime rates will drop if they saw what would happen to them. Stop the corruption!!! Blue lives matter!!! They take the oath to protect and serve and while sometimes they get a little out of control (i.e. the Rodney King beating, etc.) it's more a matter of an adrenaline rush rather than remaining cool, calm and collected. When I served as a Deputy Sheriff to a scene, I always counted to 10 before approaching the vehicle or person(s) so I could listen more attentively and make a rationale decision. I honestly could say I wasn't always fair but I got my job done and in a professional way. Blue Lives Matter!!!