That is the most ridiculous, most horrifying, and all out sorry to say f@$%ed off idea ever!! Basically signing the permission slip for people to use the drug more than ever!! Mind you no judgements passed for I am a recovering methadone/heroine addict have not touched in 6 years, THANK GOD! The forever ongoing epidemic will get even worse than ever and will result in many many (ALL) bad bad things! Yes understanding the safety net for users, and yes it very rough horrible to kick but they should make the laws and penalties way more strict and punishing! Seek the help to get clean or not is their choice! I know its super difficult and the struggle is for real but another decisions or ideas need to brought to the table!! For more help and for more education on understanding for what a person goes through or even has gone through to be addicted and or trying to kick that evil drug! I indeed thank my ever so lucky stars that I am not going through that nightmare again and again stopping and starting over and over or not having access to the drugs cause I took all my prescription that's supposed to last all month in three days of not having the ridiculous amount of $ to buy more pills or heroine!! It SUCKS BAD!! But possible! Those better ideas also need to coincide with helping with the homeless epidemic as well! The almost 2-3 millions of dollars could really do a whole whole lot of good!! Instead of being wasted, (yes I said that) on the most horrible idea ever and coming from a council member at the least!! Understand in a way more better way lady!!!!!!