Texas Man Beheads Wife In Front Of Children

Police had contact with couple hours before mother was decapitated.

Dec 19, 2017

Bellmead, Texas – A 24-year-old man pleaded guilty Dec. 15 to stabbing his 21-year-old wife to death and decapitating her while two children ages 2 and 1 were present.

Davie Dauzat pleaded guilty to murdering Natasha Dauzat at the couple’s home on Aug. 25, 2016, according to KWTX-TV.

​A relative of Natasha had called police with concerns over her safety. Police went to the couple’s home and interviewed Davie and Natasha Dauzat outside their trailer just two hours before Natasha was murdered, KWTX-TV reported.

Police said there was no indication that Natasha or Davie were in distress or in need of assistance. Police said they both appeared calm and expressed curiosity why the police had been called.

The relative called police again and said that Davie had called him and told him that he had killed Natasha.

When police returned and knocked on the door, Davie Dauzat opened and then closed the door, police said. He appeared to have blood on his body and clothing.

Police set up a perimeter around the trailer park and evacuated other residents. Police then made contact with Davie Dauzat again and were able to convince him to surrender, KWTX-TV reported.

They discovered that Natasha had been decapitated and her head was put in the family freezer.

Natasha Dauzat died of “sharp force injuries including decapitation,” according to the autopsy report.

Davie Dauzat was sentenced to 52 years in state prison, according to McLennan County Assistant District Attorney Michael Jarrett.

Davie Dauzat will be eligible for parole after he completed half that term.

Jarrett said he agreed to the plea deal because that’s what Natasha Dauzat’s family had wanted.

“They didn’t want to put the children through a trial and have them relive those memories,” Jarrett said.

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52 years and eligible for parole at 26 years? He’ll only be 50 when he could be back on the street. Also at 2 years old and 1 year old when it happened those children would not have been put through a trial. At the least he should have gotten life without parole. Though execution by beheading with a butter knife would have been more appropriate.


Hope he gets the death penalty!


We just had a domestic here right before last Christmas. A man had stabbed his girlfriend just down the street from my house. She was pronounced dead on the scene. What a horrible thing to happen days before Christmas. It upset the community a lot. Our city only has a population of 54,000 residents. So we don't here a lot about cold blooded murder.


I feel bad for all officers and her children that had to see this horrific crime. What an evil POS!


I am praying for the Cops that had to see all this!!!