Texas Deputy Shot In Head After Stopping Car With Headlight Out

An El Paso County deputy was shot multiple times early on Friday morning while making a traffic stop.

San Elizario, TX – A El Paso County sheriff’s deputy was shot multiple times during a traffic stop early on Friday morning.

El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles said the deputy underwent emergency surgery and remains in critical condition, KFOX reported.

He is expected to survive, Sheriff Wiles said.

The incident began at about 1:50 a.m. on March 22 when the sheriff’s deputy made a traffic stop for headlight and registration violations on Chicken Ranch Road, according to KFOX.

Sheriff Wiles said the deputy ordered the man and woman who were inside the vehicle to get out, and when they did, they immediately opened fire.

The deputy was struck multiple times, including one shot to the head, KTSM reported.

Sheriff Wiles said the bullet missed the deputy’s brain.

He said the deputy did not fire his weapon during the incident, according to KFOX

The suspects tossed their weapons and ran after they shot the deputy, the sheriff said.

He said they hid in a shed down the street but were arrested shortly thereafter, KTSM reported.

Chicken Ranch Road and a large area around it remained closed off while investigators searched the area.

One weapon had been found, and officials were hopeful the road would be re-opened soon, according to KTSM.

Multiple El Paso County sheriff’s deputies, the Crisis Command Unit, and U.S. Border Patrol agents remained on the scene.

Sheriff Wiles has not yet released the name of the wounded deputy, nor of the suspects believed to have shot him, KTSM reported.

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We need to bring back immediate executions!! Like public hangings!! Like these 2. Catch them, go to court, they are guilty, within 24 hours they are hanged!! Or we could be even more cruel, stake up like they did criminals and Jesus. I'm sick of these criminals being coddled and getting more rights and special treatment than law abiding citizens!!!

Chief Deputy
Chief Deputy

Its time for L.E. to PROTECT US. No more giving them a chance to give up once an officer has been shot or killed. Our Damn courts are just letting them go free. If all of a sudden, these criminals starts doing the same to them, they will then start being more harder on them.


Praying for this officer, his family and all of our law officers everywhere. 🙏🙏


Praying for this Officer and his family and his Law enforcement family as well. So glad they caught those two animals. I am NEVER going to get used to reading on a DAILY basis LEO'S getting shot everyday!!!! Smh 🙏💙🇺🇸