Terrorist Stopped By Chef With Narwhal Tusk, Convicted Murderer Out On Day Pass

Sandy Malone

Usman Khan's stabbing spree on London Bridge on Friday was stopped by a chef with a narwhal tusk and a convicted killer.

London, UK – The alleged ISIS-supporting, previously-convicted terrorist who went on a stabbing spree on London Bridge on Friday was stopped by a chef with a Narwhal tusk and a convicted murderer who was out of prison on a day pass.

The incident began during a prisoner rehabilitation event at the historic Fishmongers’ Hall and then spilled out into the street, FOX News reported.

The event was in progress when convicted terrorist Usman Khan pulled out a large kitchen knife and began attacking random people, The Sun reported.

Khan murdered two people and seriously wounded three others during his rampage.

Polish chef Lukasz saw what was happening and grabbed one of two ornamental Narwhal tusks that were mounted on the wall and went after Khan, according to The Sun.

Narwhals, nicknamed the “unicorns of the sea,” are one of the only animals with a straight tusk, and its horn makes an ideal weapon because it is very strong.

Bystanders captured cell phone video of a heroic Lukasz fighting to take down Khan with the long horn, as other good Samaritans assisted him.

One of those men – 42-year-old James Ford – was initially heralded as a hero by the local media, too.

Later, it was revealed out that Ford is a convicted murderer who was out of prison on a day pass to attend the prisoner conference, according to The Telegraph.

Ford was convicted of the murder of a 21-year-old mentally-disabled girl named Amanda Champion in 2004 and sentenced to a minimum of 15 years in prison on what would have been Champion’s 22nd birthday, the BBC reported.

The body of Champion, who had a mental age of 15, was found weeks after she disappeared, strangled and with her throat cut, according to The Telegraph.

At the time of Ford’s arrest, Kent Police Detective Chief Inspector Dean Barnes called him a “very dangerous man,” the BBC reported.

"Because it was a motiveless crime and a senseless crime, James Ford is a very dangerous man,” Insp. Barnes said. "In his own mind he is telling us he doesn't know why he did this and that makes him very dangerous to me."

Ford is about to be released from prison and is serving out the last of his sentence at an “open prison” in Kent.

However, nobody ever contacted Champion’s family to tell them of that development, or that her killer was about to be released, The Telegraph reported.

The family found out that their loved-one’s murderer was about to get his freedom when a police liaison officer contacted them on Friday to warn that Ford’s picture was going to be on the news.

“He is not a hero. He is a murderer out on day release, which us as a family didn't know anything about. He murdered a disabled girl. He is not a hero, absolutely not,” Champion’s aunt, 65-year-old Angela Cox, told the Daily Mail.

“I am so angry,” Cox continued. “They let him out without even telling us. Any of my family could have been in London and just bumped into him. It was a hell of a shock. It is a horrible thing. I don't care what he's done today, he's a murderer.”

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Jim H. - Virginia US
Jim H. - Virginia US

Khan was previously convicted of a terrorist offense. He was sentenced to 16 years, and he served eight. He wrote nice letters about how he had changed his ways and was going to be good from now on.

Two of his partners from the previous terrorism offense have also been released and are free.

No. 1-7

ALL countries need to keep murderers, child molesters and terrorists IN JAIL. No out for being a nice guy or saying I'll be good..........B S. STAY IN JAIL.


America: “Only guns are the answer”

Great Britain: “Pass me the Narwhal tusk and fire extinguisher.”

Hey Jade, they're all lucky none of them were stabbed to death wrestling with that ISIS turd. Maybe you should try disarming someone with an edged weapon yourself before saying something so stupid. This time they were lucky.


BS Stay in Jail


And why is that MURDERER out after 15 years?? We don;t have the death sentence in the UK so he should do life andf it means life.


Why is a convicted murderer, still doing time for his crime, out on a day pass to begin with?