Teen Records Himself Committing Random Murder, Posts It On Snapchat

A Georgia teenager filmed his murder of an 18-year-old gas station employee, and shared it via Snapchat.

Hall County, GA - A teenager in Georgia recorded himself committing murder, and posted the video to social media.

Police said that the suspect, Talon Lowery, drove his truck to the Texaco gas station where the victim, an employee, was outside taking a work break, according to WAGA.

Lowery, 19, pulled out a rifle and shot Bryan Ramirez in the back. He took time to record the murder so that he could post it on Snapchat. Then he fled the scene.

The incident occurred on Thursday, Nov. 2, outside the Texaco on Cleveland Highway, according to Fox News.

Ramirez, 18, was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Police officers responded to the scene and were conducting an investigation when an investigator in a nearby county alerted them to the Snapchat video, which they later learned Lowery had sent to his former classmates and friends.

"While police [were] on the scene, a White County investigator contacted us to let us know his daughter had received a Snapchat video of Ramirez's murder,” Hall County Sheriff's Deputy Stephen Wilbanks told WAGA.

"To put up something like this on social media, then to distribute it is unusual,” Deputy Wilbanks said.

Police then went to Lowery's residence, and located both him and the murder weapon.

Deputy Wilbanks said they don't think that the suspect and the victim knew each other, but that the investigation is ongoing.

Friends described Ramirez as having a big heart and "a persistent smile," according to The Gainesville Times .

“We loved him as family here. This is very devastating,” Texaco manager Tina Smith said.

People who received the murder video had strong reactions to it.

"I saw the video," Houston Wills told WAGA. "It's awful. Who would take someone's life then record it and send it out?"

"It's pretty heartbreaking, especially knowing someone and then waking up to find out he's been shot outside of work it's crazy,” Kevin Rail said.

Lowery was charged with murder, and is being held at the Hall County jail.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call the Hall County Sheriff’s Office at 770-531-6879.

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Sounds to me like something was going on in his life and he saw prison was the only way out. He clearly wanted to be caught doing it so public like that, then going home with the murder weapon knowing they would check there first after some one reported the video.


That makes sense