Teacher Has Kids Throw Rocks At 4 Year Old To 'Teach Him A Lesson'

A daycare worker told police that a teacher directed the children to throw rocks at a four-year-old boy.

Forrest City, AR – Police were investigating allegations that a teacher at a daycare center in Forrest City told children to throw stones at a four-year-old boy to teach him a lesson about not throwing rocks.

The incident, which allegedly happened in April at the Teach N Tend Daycare, was recorded by another teacher on her cell phone, according to WHBQ-TV.

That teacher took her video of the four-year-old boy screaming as he was pelted by rocks to the police department on April 26 and filed a report.

The woman who reported it to the police said that she and other workers were outside with the children when she observed another teacher telling a child to sit down.

Instead of following directions, four-year-old boy picked up rocks and threw them to the ground, WHBQ reported.

The complainant told police the other teacher had responded to the child’s actions by telling the other students to throw rocks at the four year old.

She videotaped a group of children throwing rocks at that boy while he screamed in pain, according to WHBQ.

The whistleblower then quit her job at the daycare after reporting the incident to the police.

The police officer who watched her video wrote in the police report that he observed six toddlers throwing rocks at a boy who kneeled down and covered his face while crying.

The police report said the officer could hear a voice in the background of the video saying “He’ll learn to stop. OK. That’s enough,” according to WHBQ.

Police were investigating the matter and the Department of Child Services had also become involved, according to WHBQ.

The owner of the daycare told WHBQ that the employee who had reported the incident to police was “a disgruntled employee.”

She referred WHBQ to her attorney for comment on the video of the children throwing rocks.


These sorts of stories give me the chills. I really don't want to go to prison for dealing with that "teacher" as it deserves. That scum deserves a crippling beat down. Pour encourager les autres.


Had the whistleblower tried to stop it, he would probably be charged with assault. The daycares owners attitude shows the children are not safe there and it should be shutdown.


I'm glad the teacher recorded the incident as well. Had she not done so it would have been her word against the perp.