Teacher Assigns Students To Write Anti-Gun Letters To Congress

Middle school students were assigned to write letters to congress promoting gun control

Hampton, GA – A 7th Grade social studies teacher tasked with teaching his students about Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, recently gave his students an assignment to write a letter to Congress supporting gun control.

Blue Lives Matter obtained a copy of the assignment.

The assignment “topic” was listed as “You are trying to persuade lawmakers to have stricter gun laws to help prevent another school shooting from taking place.”

“For this assignment, you are writing a letter to the lawmakers of the United States. The purpose of this letter is to pressure lawmakers to have stricter gun laws in the United States. Your letter should contain at least five complete sentences. Make sure that you use proper grammatical skills when writing your letter,” read the assignment given out by social studies teacher Corey Sanders to his students at Hampton Middle School.

William Lee told Blue Lives Matter that his son brought the assignment home from school and showed it to him.

“I asked him what he had for homework that night, and he said he had to write a paper on gun control,” said Lee, who is a law enforcement officer in another county from where his son goes to school.

“I said uh oh – let me see the assignment,” the father said.

After reading his son’s homework assignment from Sanders, Lee went into the Google classroom and checked the assignments.

“I looked at it, and I told my son, ‘no, you’re not doing that assignment,’” Lee said. “Then I emailed his teacher the next day and told him that my son would not be writing that.”

The teacher wrote back to Lee and told him that it was fine, and that he wouldn’t mark off his son for not turning it in, he said.

“The first thing I wondered was what was their intent with these letters,” Lee said. “Were they planning to mail them?”

“And then I’d like to know how this fits into my son’s actual curriculum. The Georgia Standard of Excellence – which is what the Henry County curriculum is based on – says that my 7th grader is supposed to be studying Asia, Africa and Middle East in social studies,” Lee said. “There’s nothing in the course curriculum about gun control.”

Lee said that a number of other parents of his son’s classmates expressed concern about the assignment; however, they hadn’t found out about it until after their children had completed it and turned it in.

“Where are these letters now?” Lee asked.

“Why are they giving this as an assignment? It has nothing to do with the curriculum that they’re supposed to be following,” the angry father said.

He said this isn’t the first recent example of teachers incorporating their personal political agendas into their teaching at Hampton Middle School.

“What concerns me is this comes on the heels of another incident with a 6th grade teacher who was recently recorded by a 12-year-old student,” Lee explained. “The teacher went on a rant, calling Trump a racist and referencing Rodney King. And that was a 6th grade history teacher in the same school.”

Blue Lives Matter reached out to Sanders, the teacher who made the gun control letter history assignment, via email, but did not receive a response.

Messages were left for Principal Purvis Jackson at Hampton Middle School, and for Henry County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mary Elizabeth Davis, seeking comment, but they have not responded.

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That teacher needs to be fired!
Moreover, any congressman who receives a bunch of letters from school kids in a single class should report the teacher and demand his/her firing.
In fact, it would be a great idea if someone were to create a law, a federal law, making this kind of 'conditioning' illegal and a felony.
Something to remember, 'PLSD' an acronym that I created which stands for Progressive Liberal Socialist Democrat.
Progressive from Woodrow Wilson who solidified the segregated Armed Forces after WWI and who could have stopped the Vietnam War by not helping France recolonize it. Oh, he also claimed the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence didn't apply to him.
Liberal, the idea that judges and politicians can rewrite history and the law and that they are above the law along with creating heroes our of people like Margaret Sanger and Che Guevara.
Socialist, for trying to turn America from a Constitutional Republic into a Leninist Socialist state through economic slavery (indefinite welfare, public housing, deterioration of family, socialized medicine, etc).
Democrat, the Party of Slavery and hate. Those people who would strip us of our rights, who use chaos, anarchy and hate to bring down anyone who disagrees with their agenda, people who use race, sex, or religion to push their position.


Nonsense. You were clear. For Bad Apples politics clearly IS his religion and wants to be sure everyone agrees with him; like most today he's happy for there to be freedom of speech only so long as it's HIS ONLY, which of course is a fraud since if it's not free for all it's not free at all, the same delusion of the '60s where those who took over the schools demanded only the same fraud of "free speech" only for themselves. Of course he has reply blocked, typical for those who can't defend their positions rationally. You can be sure his hatred of religion can't be defended rationally; ironic that with all the state churches and Congress's chaplain when the First Amendment was ratified today's grossly illiterate useful idiocy still buys bigoted SCOTUS's corrupt, deceitful, lawless, fascist lie and fraud of the old bogus "separationofchurchandstate" delusion limits the church versus the truth that the Founders rather meant to limit the government. As Orwell's 1984 showed/shows, fools like to be lied to.


So, I'm so sick of the liberal agenda. These teachers have no right to make these children write anything about guns or politics. I know good and well this is not their curriculum. I believe the teacher needs to be written up, and she needs to be taught a lesson on the rights of her students.


These people are not suited for teaching public school. They are to teach how to think, not WHAT to think. What to think is not their business.