Teacher Arrested For Repeated Sexual Assault Of Female Student

Police arrested Whitney Laidlaw after a 14-year-old female student's parents discovered inappropriate text messages.

Houston, TX - A married middle school dance teacher has been accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student.

Whitney Laidlaw, 32, has been accused of texting the student shortly after the end of the girls 7th grade school year to tell the student she had feelings for her, according to court documents.

Laidlaw, who taught hip hop dance at Cornerstone Academy, was removed from Spring Branch Independent School District (SBISD) classrooms after school officials became aware of the illicit relationship, KPRC reported.

We are outraged by this alleged conduct, the school district officials said in a statement. The safety of every SBISD student is our very highest priority, and having a strong moral compass is a key district core value.

The arrest warrant said that Laidlaw made her feelings proclamation via text shortly after the school year ended, and that the affair continued through summer vacation.

Laidlaw allegedly asked the student to sneak out of her apartment to meet with her, and she also went to the students apartment on several occasions when her mother was at work, according to KPRC.

They also frequently engaged in inappropriate activity in Laidlaws car, police said.

People reported that the warrant said Laidlaw had been accused of kissing, fondling, and performing oral sex on the upcoming 8th grade girl.

None of the encounters happened during the school year or on school property.

The inappropriate and illegal relationship was discovered when the victims parents found messages from Laidlaw on their daughters cell phone.

Police said a review of the 14-year-old girls phone showed Laidlaw had been sending the girl illicit pictures of herself, People reported.

The middle school teacher has been charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship with a student, according to KPRC.

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ProGodProUSA--"What is happening to our society, that this degeneration has appeared so quickly since the 60's?"

Hello PGPU -What activity did occur back in the 60's ( or 50's or 40's or ?) by gays was typically well hidden , not discussed, was severely stigmatized by common society , severely ostracized if discovered , prosecuted by the legal system, etc..All of this was well prior to the internet and so was not as easily broadcast to the general public. Adherence to religion has waned to some degree and some who do follow the Bible think it perfectly acceptable to "cherry pick" what they do or don't believe. Many no longer even believe in God or religion. Add in the Supreme Court approval of gay marriage. The "acceptance" (or at least some removal of the stigma ) of gays has now made it so that the gay or lesbian or ? can practice their lifestyle without as much worry. The gay seduction of a much younger potential partner is a typical "goal" IE to seduce a virgin. We can blame ourselves for the general acceptance . Rhetorically speaking -where were all the others when it came time to say "no, this is not an acceptable practice". Society became complacent and liberals turned it to make our objections a dirty word. Some who are gay say its not a choice but a teacher is one who should especially be made an example of since they are held to a much higher moral standard of trust in their interaction with our children. Yes,this lesbian is free to find a partner but not an impressionable ,naive child. This woman is a child molester pure and simple and should be treated as such and she should be prosecuted and hopefully incarcerated for a long period. She should never teach again.


This behavior has always been present. The difference is everyone has a high powered audio visual device in their pockets.

And seriously, what's wrong with a certain demographic of teachers to where this is exposed seemingly every week? Something should be done.


Chicken Hawk!


Not again! Not another story about another female teacher being found out for sexual assault on a student! What is happening to our society, that this degeneration has appeared so quickly since the 60's? Male or female, these perverts/pedophiles should be labeled sex offenders and serve time in prison.