Teacher Arrested, Accused Of Trying To Seduce 12-Year-Old Student

Holly Matkin

The boy was in Andrea Jimenez's science class for two years, police said.

Doral, FL – A 47-year-old female science teacher accused of “aggressively” pursuing a 13-year-old student both in her classroom and through social media has been arrested and fired from her job.

Andrea Jimenez, who taught the victim for two years at Doral International Math & Science Academy, regularly “lured” the boy to her classroom after school, investigators said, according to the New York Post.

She also allegedly grabbed the student by his face and tried to kiss him on the last day of school in May, when he was 12 years old, WREG reported.

Over the summer, Jimenez downloaded several social media applications so she could continue her attempts to communicate with him.

According to police, Jimenez told the boy she was in love with him, and also sent him explicit messages about his body parts, the Miami Herald reported.

The teacher also became “aggressively romantic in an obsessive tone” during some of her communications with the boy, her arrest affidavit read, according to WREG.

“I really like your butt. Sorry it’s not my fault it’s cute and hot,” Jimenez wrote in one message, according to WSVN. “It belongs to me correct???...Cuz mine is yours.”

“I will go to hell for you. Die for u stop eating to feed you,” another of Jimenez’s messages read. “My love for u is so real and huge!!! I don’t mind facing the devil himself for u.”

The teacher also allegedly gave the sixth grader expensive gifts, and his parents began to get suspicious after they saw items they hadn’t purchased showing up around their home, the Miami Herald reported.

“They found the gifts suspicious coming from a teacher,” Doral Police Department spokesperson Rey Valdez told the paper.

The boy’s parents checked out the teen’s cell phone, and police later determined that concerning messages on his phone had come from Jimenez’s cell phone.

Police said Jimenez also “explicitly expressed her love for him and her desire to engage with him in an intimate manner,” in some of the messages, and told him not to talk to girls his own age, according to WPTV.

In the days prior to her arrest, Jimenez allegedly told other school personnel that she was worried about her job because she was acting inappropriately with a student, WREG reported.

On Friday, she was arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct on a child and using a computer for prohibited purposes.

“These allegations came to light Wednesday midday,” her attorney, Jude Faccidomo, told the Miami Herald. “The detective advised us he was ready to make an arrest Thursday afternoon. I think it is safe to say that no valid investigation took place.”

"I think it is reckless, with charges this serious, both for a victim and for somebody being accused of a crime to be rushed to judgment, that's not fair on any side," Faccidomo told WPTV.

“Nevertheless, Ms. Jimenez cooperated fully and we are looking forward to the State Attorney doing a legitimate review of these allegations,” he added, according to the Miami Herald.

Jimenez was released from the Turner Guilford Knight correctional center on $17,500 bond on Friday night.

According to a Doral International Math & Science Academy spokesperson, Jimenez has been fired from her position at the school, WPTV reported.

There are no other reports of the science teacher engaging in inappropriate relationships with any other students, the spokesperson said.

"As this is an ongoing investigation, school administrators will continue to work closely with authorities. The school’s top priority is the privacy, safety, and security of students and families," the school said in a statement.

"The School has committed additional personnel to support students who may have questions or need to share concerns regarding these matters,” the statement read.

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At least this one appears to have been stopped before the next step.


I love how her attorney tried to flip it around, like it was the detectives fault for saying a 12 year old had a cute butt. What is a criminal lawyer? Redundant.

Burgers Allday
Burgers Allday

this story has nothing to do with blue lives mattering


Articles far too often about female teachers stalking our children. WTH has happened? The actions of this teacher are not normal or acceptable and might have a lasting psychological effect on this young boy. And these stories are only the female teachers getting caught. If this was a male teacher doing the same to a 12 year old female, society would be demanding hard labor in a State Penitentiary. Folks, this is not safe or the natural maturing process for these young guys and no studies I've read to predict the long-term effect on them or society. This needs to stop.


Wow, long in the tooth trying to rob the cradle, this seems to be happening far too often, is there something in the water at schools. I believe it could have been stopped sooner, had the parents checked the preteens phone sooner.


Wow, another female teacher pedifile. This has really become a trend. She needs to be locked up for a very long time.