SWAT Teams Go Door To Door After Serial Killer Murders Fourth Victim

Police officers searched the Seminole Heights neighborhood on Tuesday morning after a fourth potential victim of the Tampa serial killer was found.

Tampa, FL - A man walking to a church to feed the homeless was murdered in the Seminole Heights neighborhood early Tuesday morning, and police believe that he is a serial killer's fourth victim.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, Nov. 14, about 5 a.m., when police patrolling the neighborhood received a call of shots fired, according to NBC News.

Officers were on scene within a minute, and found the body of Ronald Felton, who had been fatally shot while crossing a street near a memorial honoring three previous murder victims, also believed to be the work of the serial killer.

Felton, 60, the father of three adult children, was on his way to feed the homeless at New Seasons Apostolic Church when he was shot, according to police.

Police set up a perimeter and are scouring the area. Residents were told to lock their doors, and stay in place, according to Tampa Police Department Public Information Officer Steve Hegarty.

Many streets were closed as SWAT went door to door searching for the killer.

In a press conference, Officer Hegarty said that it hasn't been confirmed that Tuesday morning's murder was connected to the previous murders, but that it will be treated as such until proven otherwise.

Interim Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said police believed the suspect was still in the neighborhood, and that he may live there.

Chief Dugan urged Seminole Heights residents who owned firearms to check and make sure their firearms were in their right place.

"If you own a firearm of any type, we need you to verify that it’s where it needs to be,” Chief Dugan said.

The first murder occurred on Oct. 9, when Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was shot in Seminole Heights while waiting for a bus.

On Oct. 13, the body of the second victim, Monica Hoffa, 32, was found in a vacant lot. She had been shot to death.

The third murder occurred on Oct. 19, when Anthony Daiboa, 20, was shot while taking a walk.

Police said they have knocked on about 1,900 doors seeking information on the serial killer in the course of the investigation into the three previous murders.

They have released a surveillance video of a person of interest who can be seen running away from the scene where Mitchell was killed.

Felton's brother, James Felton, said that when he wasn't working at his construction job, his brother spent every Tuesday and Thursday morning helping out at the church.

The victim's twin brother Richard Felton told NBC News that he was on the phone talking with his brother moments before he was shot.

Police have released a video of a man running during the night of the first murder, and are seeking to identify the man as a person of interest.

"We believe he may have seen something or heard something that could assist us in this investigation,” Chief Dugan said.

"I hope they bring him to justice today and I’ll be on my way to Tampa — just to look him in his eyes. He’s got some answering to do. We, and now it sounds like three other families, deserve answers,” said Kenny Hoffa, Monica Hoffa's father.

Police have not released details on why they believe the murders are connected.

An award of $41,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a suspect, and anyone with information is urged to call 911.