SWAT Rescues 2 Cops Trapped In House With Gunman Who Shot 6 Philly Officers

Six Philadelphia police officers were shot Wednesday evening.

Philadelphia, PA - Six officers were shot by a gunman Wednesday evening, and two officers were trapped in the building with the gunman until they were rescued by SWAT.

The incident started during a drug warrant service at around 4:30 p.m., according to CBS 3.

While officers were in the building, a gunman opened fire on them.

Two of the officers were trapped inside while the others were able to get out.

The gunman continued to fire on the officers as they surrounded the outside of the building, shooting more officers.

Dramatic news helicopter footage showed an officer pouring blood on the street while running to a patrol car to be transported to the hospital.

The officers trapped in the apartment remained pinned down for about five hours when SWAT was able to extricate them.

The gunman remains armed in the house and has continued to occasionally fire at officers.

The six officers with gunshot wounds were transported to Einstein Medical Center and Temple University Hospital. They are in stable condition.

A seventh officer was injured in a collision while responding and is also stable.

During the gunfight, the suspect started live-streaming on social media. Authorities were able to work with the social media company to take the stream down.

None of the officers or the suspect have been identified at this time.

Officers remain on scene attempting to negotiate with the suspect over loudspeaker and over the phone.

Authorities were able to speak with the suspect on a three way call with his lawyer, according to Police Commissioner Richard Ross, but the suspect has not yet surrendered.

Multiple politicians have taken the opportunity from the event to call for "gun reform."

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Glad the cops inside made it out okay. I thought they were hostages based on the wording of the article (negotiating with suspects) and the fact that SWAT didn't rush in. I don't trust Facebook to give me all your feeds, because they already have dramatically changed your page as this situation progressed, moving it below a day old article, about an officer killed yesterday in CA.


Thank God the police officers are all out and have been treated at the hospital. They all have been released. I pray for them and their families tonight. How sick is it that politicians are using this horrible incident to stand on their soap box and want to start talking about gun control. Leave my 2A alone and stop tying our police officers hands. Let them do their jobs and when they do, put the criminals away for a time that suits the crime than perhaps more will stop and think before they decide to not only break the law but ignore the police, attack the police, and kill innocent people. I hope these politicians do realize if someone is going to commit a crime they don't need a gun to do it. This shooting tonight was because the police were doing their jobs, serving warrants for drugs. So do they really think these men in that house were not armed to the hilt before the cops got there? Do they think they had a permit for these guns? Of course not so why get on your soap box and start before they even know what the hell is going on and call out for more gun control. Help the police get the illegal guns off the street and leave our right to bare arms alone. God Bless our men and women in Blue. #bluelivesmatter #proudmom #proudsister #Godblessourpolice

im-with the blue
im-with the blue

politicians calling for gun reform....HOW ABOUT GUN CHARGES FOR THE CRIMINAL. no legal gun owner had anything to do with the incident. a warrant was being served. hmmm illegal possession of a handgun.

prayers for the officers


A 3 way call with his Lawyer? Are they serious. Hell the POS hasn't been charged with a crime yet. Put a 30 mm round in there and end it. That's how savage's are dealt with in a war zone.