Suspect Charged With Anti-White Hate Crime For Attack On Disabled Homeless Man

A white, disabled, homeless man was attacked on a Metro bus by a black suspect who told him that he owed him for making his grandmother a slave.

Silver Springs, MD - A man is in custody for a hate crime after he attacked a homeless, disabled man on a Metro bus on Sunday.

According to WJLA , the incident occurred about 5 PM when the suspect, 27-year-old Marquis Evans-Royster, who is black, boarded the Q1 bus, which was headed for the Shady Grove Metro Station.

Royster approached the victim, who is white, looked straight into his eyes, and said "You owe me for making my grandmother a slave."

He then began to go through the victim's pockets, as the victim tried to remain calm and ignore Royster's 'racially-motivated comments,' according to court records.

Other passengers tried to intervene, and Royster charged at them. He spit in the victim's face and threatened to pour a cup of urine on him.

The bus driver then threatened to call the police, and Royster got off the bus near the intersection of Veirs Mill Road and Connecticut Avenue.

As he exited the bus, Royster snapped off one of the bus' side view mirrors, which cost about $250 to replace.

Police said that Royster didn't pay a fare when he got on the bus, and "almost immediately began to harass" the two white passengers who were already on board.

The bus driver said that Royster said that "all white people are evil," and that the bus' two white passengers should die.

Royster was arrested by Metro police a few days later at the Wheaton Metro Station. He has been charged with race/religious harassment, robbery, theft, second-degree assault, destruction of property, and possession of a false identification.

Court records show that Royster has an extensive criminal history, works as a tow driver, has two children, and lives with his sister.

Police have collected surveillance video as evidence. Royster's next court hearing is scheduled for October 27.

The victim was not identified.

Are you kidding? No different, really? Either you didn’t read the article or you have no common sense, and that’s putting it nicely. At a minimum you have won the Crackerjack prize if the year.

@JonasBlaneII Did you read the article or are you mentally challenged?

.. lives with his sister.

wait did his grandma live 150 years ago?

Sad, but some people believe that only whites commit hate crimes...this has actually emboldened some people who prefer to live a hate filled life and want to spread that message. If you take a look around...the successful people of color do not live in the past and continue to wear the chains of history...they focus on the future. .