Suspect Bites K9 Officer's Head, Fur Missile Bites Back

A suspect bit a police K9 and got bitten back, harder.

​Boscawen, NH – A New Hampshire man bit a police dog on the head, and the K9 officer bit him back, in a struggle that ended with the man facing multiple charges.

The incident began when police were called to a home for a report of a person shot on Jan. 21, according to the New Hampshire Canine Trooper's Association's Facebook page.

Two people at the home were wanted on outstanding warrants, and fled when police attempted to arrest them, according to Boscawen Police Department Lieutenant Jason Killary.

The New Hampshire State Police were called to assist, and Trooper Daniel Livingstone arrived with K9 Veda.

One of the suspects was hiding in a trailer in the back of the property, and ignored police commands to exit the trailer.

K9 Veda was sent in and quickly located the suspect trying to hide under a pile of clothing.

When K9 Veda approached, the man began kicking and punching the dog. Then he put a chokehold on the K9 officer, and bit her on the head.

At that point, K9 Veda bit back.

“If you get into a biting competition with a police dog, you’re not going to win,” Lt. Killary said. “They’re pretty good at that.”

Eventually, police used a Taser to subdue the suspect, and took him into custody.

He was charged with resisting arrest, interference with a police dog, and assault on a police officer. The suspect also had an outstanding warrant.

Lt. Killary told Reuters he had never heard of a situation where a person bit a police dog.

K9 Veda was cleared medically, and police said she was doing okay.

The police dog received accolades from fans on the New Hampshire Canine Trooper’s Association Facebook page.

“Nice work Veda,” Steve Field posted. “I hope you left an impression on him also.”​

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Good job, Officer Veda. As with the vast majority or LEO's, she attempted to restrain the suspect without harm. Had the peep not been a flaming idiot and decided that biting a K9 officer was a good idea, he'd have been far better off.
What a pinhead!

Chris C
Chris C

Way to go Veda ! Good job.


He didntdonuffin! He was hungry and mistook the dog for a hamburger and the racist hamburger bit back. Was this guy checked for rabies? Because #K9LivesMatter

prophetess anna
prophetess anna

I cant imagine that anyone would think that biting a police dog was a good idea. Bad idea creep!!! and when he was bitten back, he will never do that again, will he??? maybe when he saw Officer Veda, he must have thought that was his supper.

prophetess anna
prophetess anna

BAD IDEA!!! no no no--dont be biting police dogs, NO MATTER HOW YOU FEEL, YOU WILL BE GETTING A BIG SURPRISE RIGHT BACK, AS THIS suspect learned!!