Students Demand Police Be Disarmed At University Which Had Active Shooter

The University of California Santa Barbara student government unanimously approved the resolution on Feb. 27.

Santa Barbara, CA – The University of California Santa Barbara student government unanimously approved a resolution demanding that university administrators disarm campus police.

Supporters of the resolution, which was passed by the Associated Students Senate on Feb. 27, claimed that having armed law enforcement officers on campus is “bad for student mental health,” and causes student to live in “perpetual fear and tension,” the Daily Nexus reported.

“It should never get to the point where a trained officer has to use their weapon in any sort of capacity to a student,” said student Ricardo Uribe, who authored the bill.

“There are a lot of non-lethal ways that a police officer can make sure that a situation doesn’t escalate,” he added.

The resolution saddled the student government’s president with the task of sending a letter to the university’s chancellor, explaining “the dangers presented by an increasingly militarized police force” on campus, as well as “the dangers police have posed to the student body in the past,” the Daily Nexus reported.

“Having the UC be armed is something that should not be happening, especially the UCPD,” Uribe said during the student government meeting.

There is no reason why police shouldn’t just use non-lethal tactics to stop active shooters or similar threats on campus, he said.

“It shouldn’t have to be the work of untrained civilians to de-escalate the situation,” Uribe added.

Student Ivana Cruz, who is also sponsoring the resolution, drudged up the 1970 Isla Vista Riot as evidence that police have “indiscriminately brutalized” students in the past, the Daily Nexus reported.

Cruz said that one student was “walking home from a liquor store” in the midst of the riots, when he “was violently arrested because the police mistook his handle for a Molotov cocktail.”

Uribe also complained that officers have been “over-policing” the university’s off-campus Halloween festivities, which take place in Isla Vista.

Just five years ago, six students were murdered and 14 more were wounded in Isla Vista during a massacre carried out by 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Rodger brutally stabbed his three roommates to death before he jumped into his car and took off across down, firing indiscriminately throughout the ensuing eight-minute rampage that only ended when he fatally shot himself.

It was unclear how the student government group plans to combat an active shooter on campus without an armed police force.

As part of the student government’s resolution, they have also committed to work to develop student services “which are not dependent on police intervention,” the Daily Nexus reported.

Having armed police on campus is “bad for student mental health, and it’s definitely going to affect the way that our ability to function as students works,” Cruz said.

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militans Deo
militans Deo

Uribe and Cruz, you are absolutely right! So, we are going to remove police from your campus. If something happens, you get to handle it yourselves. Do not try to call anyone for help. When someone punches you and takes your phone or computer, you get to adult-up and handle the problem. What? You can't because you are not going to engage in the violence necessary to deal with violent people? Since you are against violence, I guess that leaves out buckets of rocks for students to throw at violent criminals engaged in actively murdering others. Maybe you could throw glitter at them? Oh, wait, no glitter falls under proposition 65 as being known to cause or possibly cause cancer, so you cannot do that. Perhaps, you could use harsh language? Oh, no that would require the use of hostile perjoratives or other words that would be hostile to the killer's identity and would harm the person's feelings of self. Guess you are stuck with curling up into a ball and sucking your thumb. Oh, wait, that is probably offensive to babies or to adults who sexually identify as infants. I'm out of ideas, guess you're just gonna die then.


U.C. Santa Barbara - can you say "Bye-bye, Campus Police!"? Unarmed police officers cannot do their job as well as when they were armed.


Getting shot is bad for mental health too. Libs are beyond stupid


I thought students were just temporary paying guests at the university. They are passing through, and only supposed to be there for four years. Why would anybody pay any attention to what they think? They're there to get a degree and move on. They are not there to dictate permanent policy. The taxpayers are paying the bills, not the temporary students.


The tail seems to want to wag the dog. It's time for the adults to speak up and make adult decisions. This is why they say "children should be seen and not heard."