Students Claim Having Police At Ben Shapiro Event Is Dangerous To Minorities

Some USC student organizations have complained increased police presence to stop protests is dangerous for minorities.

Los Angeles, CA – Students groups who oppose conservative pundit Ben Shapiro have claimed their lives are in danger because of an increased police presence when he is set to speak on the campus of the University of Southern California (USC) on Oct. 4

“The safety and lives of minority communities on the University of Southern California’s campus is in harm’s way,” announced an alarming statement circulated on social media on Sept. 20 by the USC Black Student Assembly, Latinx Student Assembly, and the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly.

“USC has agreed to co-sponsor a student-led organization called Young Americans for Freedom to bring Ben Shapiro to campus,” the announcement continued.

“This man is known to be a purveyor of hate speech, including the eradication of entire races, and discriminatory comments against a multitude of minority communities,” they claimed.

It's not clear if they are referencing any actual comments from Shapiro or if they're just making stuff up.

Shapiro, editor of The Daily Wire, is an orthodox Jew who spoke on the same campus as a guest of the USC College Republicans in 2015 without incident.

He was a radio host and editor at Breitbart at the time, according to the campus newspaper The Daily Trojan.

“USC has agreed to provide thousands of student dollars to fund extra campus police and an LAPD presence, including uniformed police officers, undercover officers, dogs, and surveillance on the day of the event to prevent non-violent student protests,” the groups complained in their message. “This degree of law enforcement has the potential to put black and brown communities at serious risk of being racially profiled or targeted.”

Although the content of the memo is dramatic, it is not accurate.

The need for effective security at such an event was demonstrated when authoritarian student and antifa groups protested violently on other campuses where Shapiro and other conservative speakers have been guests.

In September of 2017, nine people were arrested protesting Shapiro at University of California – Berkeley and two were arrested protesting at University of Utah, according to The Daily Trojan.

USC Director of Public Safety Chief John Thomas was quick to correct the false information being disseminated.

“It is our responsibility to assess the needs and provide sufficient resources to ensure the safety of members of our campus community and event participants,” Chief Thomas told The Daily Trojan in a statement. “Our role is to make sure that all parties on campus may safely exercise their first amendment rights in accordance with university policy.”

The chief said the use of K9s for security purposes at the event was “never part of the safety plan.”

The total estimated cost for campus police and private security to facilitate the event is $15,000, and is being paid for by the student group sponsoring Shapiro’s appearance, according to USC Young American’s for Freedom (YAF) President Maxwell Brandon.

YAF applied for, and was awarded, $4,100 from the USC Undergraduate Student Government’s discretionary fund to put toward their costs, the exact same amount available to any student group who plans to hold a legitimate event.

Brandon told The Daily Trojan that the organization would fundraise the balance.

He also said YAF was allotting $1,000 of the group’s money from the student government fund to cover the cost of a designated student protest area.

“We’re not trying to squash anyone’s right to protest,” Brandon said. “We’re just trying to make sure that there’s not going to be any violence… [Police are] coming in as a First Amendment protection for both sides.”

DPS Assistant Chief David Carlisle told The Daily Trojan that university police would handle most of the security at the event, with a “modest amount” of assistance from uniformed Los Angeles Police Department officers.

“I want to make it clear: DPS is not dissuading or denying anyone the right to demonstrate or protest or express themselves on campus,” Chief Carlisle said. “We expect [our students] to behave responsibly and we don’t anticipate any problems. We’re there in the background, so to speak, to make sure that things remain peaceful.”

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There's nothing wrong in being prepared for the worse, just in case it happens. If you want to protest peacefully, you still can, snowflakes. The police will be there to make sure you don't melt.


Simple solution: If you feel your life is in danger because of the increased police presence...STAY AWAY!


We're all familiar with the race card. But few realize there's another card that's played a lot more often; The Badge Card.

The Badge Card is played anytime a law enforcement officer is implicated in a crime. You know, like these Spades that someone always seems to post when an officer is charged with DWI; "They're under a lot of stress" and "You would drink too if you had to do their jobs", and, my personal favorite, "Is this all the media has to report on? How about off duty cop spanks his child?"

Or when a cop is charged with a crime in which they benefited financially, it never fails that someone will post this Diamond "They should pay us more, then he wouldn't have had to do this".

Sometimes the Badge Card is played to intimidate, slander, and even threaten those who expect accountability from law enforcement, like the ever popular "You're a cop hater" and "Only a criminal would make a comment like that". And on a recent article about creating a civilian police review board, this little Ace was left by someone purporting to be an officer "Go ahead and create a more hostile environment for police officers that make arrests and keep this city safe. Soon you find police officers that don't want to work and the criminals will take over the city.Those that make war against the police better be prepared to make friends with the criminals."

Then there are the most ominous Badge Cards of them all, the "I was in fear for my life" and "He was reaching for his waistband" cards. These Jokers are dropped in place of the throw-down guns that were once a part of the Official Police Officers Duty Belt. Rarely played when there's video to contradict, and always dealt from the bottom of the deck, these cards allow local cops to kill at will, and to trump prosecution by the DA's office.

As we've just seen, the Badge Card comes in different suits. Deciding which to play depends on whether the dealer wishes to minimize their own criminal conduct, justify it entirely, extort higher pay, or simply bully us into silence. So, next time you're stopped by a member of local law enforcement, ante up, cut the cards, and prepare to take your chances with a loaded deck.


Ben Shapiro doesn't promote hate speech, as far as I can tell. But he is a huge hypocritical bitch, and continually derides Muslims as a whole (he's one of those tards that believe all Muslims are terrorists) while constantly calling out anti-semitism, whether it's there or not.


“This man is known to be a purveyor of hate speech, including the eradication of entire races, and discriminatory comments against a multitude of minority communities,” they claimed.It's not clear if they are referencing any actual comments from Shapiro or if they're just making stuff up."

Lets see "actual comments from Shapiro" or "making this stuff up".....I am going to choose door 2. I have heard Ben Shapiro talk easily over 2 dozen times. He is always a brilliant orator who --knows his facts, is extremely well spoken, is logical ,and concentrates on the issues. He may not always say what a lib wants to hear ( which could be quite often) but based upon the above he is not a hate speech pusher, no eradication of races, no discriminatory comments against minority communities ......he just doesn't stoop to their level . Just because snowflakes easily melt is not his problem.