Students Accused Of Beating 8-Year-Old Until His Brain Bled Won't Face Charges

Christian Boynton was found unconscious on the floor of a Lakewood Elementary School restroom, according to his family.

Tomball, TX – The mob of third-grade bullies who allegedly pummeled an eight-year-old boy until he fell unconscious won’t face any charges in connection with the attack.

Eight-year-old Christian Boynton was ambushed by his peers in a bathroom at Lakewood Elementary School on Sept. 24, his sister, Kailee Boynton, told KHOU.

"They pinned my brother down. They were beating him,” Kailee said. “They beat him to the point of unconsciousness, where they continued to pound on him.”

The bullies then allegedly went through Christian’s backpack, she said.

The little boy was found unconscious in the school bathroom, and was taken to Tomball Regional Hospital, Kailee said in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“He was [diagnosed] with a subdural hematoma -- he was bleeding from his brain,” she wrote. “He was transferred to Texas Children's via ambulance and treated there. After several hours of observation he was allowed to come home."

Christian is expected to recover from his injuries, KHOU reported.

According to Tomball police, Texas law does not allow the children involved in the attack to be charged with any crimes because they are all less than 10 years old.

Child Protective Services (CPS) has also become involved with the case, and could provide services to the children and their families, KHOU reported.

“Details of a school investigation by CPS are confidential, but in a situation like this we would investigate to determine if the children were being supervised properly when the alleged incident happened,” CPS spokesperson Tiffani Butler told the news outlet.

Lakewood Elementary School Principal Deanna Porter addressed the incident in a letter to parents and guardians on Thursday, calling the attack an “isolated incident.”

“The media launched their story from one source,” Porter wrote. “At no time was a student left alone unconscious in the restroom. He was evaluated by the nurse immediately.”

Porter said that Christian was “taken by his parents to be seen by medical professionals,” and noted that he was released to recover at home later the same day.

“Based on our limited ability to share our investigation details due to privacy requirements, please be aware that what you are reading and the information being portrayed in the media and on social media is inconsistent with our investigation” Porter added.

The principal said that she was “saddened and disheartened by the actions” of the students, and that administrators “are working cooperatively with the families involved and will uphold the Student Code of Conduct to apply appropriate disciplinary measures.”

Porter said she could not discuss the outcomes of those measures due to confidentiality laws.

Kailee, an education major, blasted the school district for what she alleged was a misrepresentation of the severity of the attack on her brother.

“To have this ‘isolated incident’ be taken so lightly and then to have it be downplayed as if it wasn't something incredibly serious is infuriating,” she wrote in her Facebook post. “[I’m] worried that the school is committed to misunderstanding this ‘isolated incident.’ And [that it is] only worried about how this makes the school look as a whole.”

“Where does that leave my brother or the rest of the students who attend Lakewood?” she asked. “What cost do these children have to pay to be ensured a safe learning environment?”

Kailee said that her little brother has even tried to defend the kids who beat him up.

“He told me ‘maybe they’re just having a rough day,’” she told HKOU. “He is so nice and kind that he can’t even fathom the fact that someone would want to hurt him or be cruel to him.”

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What the deuce happened? I find it hard to believe that Texas law does not provide for treatment of offenders too young to be criminally liable.


Porter wrote. “At no time was a student left alone unconscious in the restroom. He was evaluated by the nurse immediately.”

Does that mean that there was a nurse/teacher/monitor standing by waiting for the little thugs to stop beating the boy so that he could be evaluated? That makes NO sense.

James Robinson
James Robinson

Expel the little punks and then sue the school system for not providing a safe environment and each of the parents of the thugs.


There parents are old enough to be charged and the kids remanded to whatever passes for delinquent hall these days


"Isolated incident" or don't need more than one of these happening at any school! SOMETHING HAS TO HOLD THE BULLIES they will become the gang leaders of tomorrow!


So.... these Disgusting POS ANIMALS can do this and NO punishment for there Horrific Actions !! What the Fck is this country coming too ??? Take these Fcking Animals and throw them into Juvenile Detention -- lets see how they like a taste of there own ignorance !! as for the little boy I hope he recovers fully and his Parents SUE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF THE PARENTS OF THESE ANIMALS !!!!!


This is another case of a school not doing what is right. The police/district attorney should still file charges and arrest those punks. Send them to juvenile detention! If they do nothing those bullies will grow up torturing others throughout their lives. They need to stop this while they are young! What's it gonna take? Is it going to take them killing someone before they take this seriously?! I am seriously surprised that this is happening in the state of Texas. They are usually the "one strike you're out" state when it comes to crimes and the people who commit them. This young boy is going to have PTSD from now til the day he dies. The inaction of the law enforcement office and the DA, is sending a message to the bullies in Texas that if you're young you can get away with beating someone nearly to DEATH and you won't have ANY consequences! This MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE!!