Student Says School Told Her To Take Down Her Pro-Gun Facebook Video

16-year-old Elizabeth Najjar says she is a victim of discrimination against conservatives.

Chantilly, VA _ A 16-year-old high school student claimed that she was asked by her school to take down a video where she spoke in favor of gun rights. However, the school claims that they only asked her to edit the video.

Elizabeth Najjar, 16, posted an 18-minute video on Facebook on April 1. In the video, Najjar spoke against the March For Our Lives rally and students who walked out of school to protest guns.

However, a school official at Freedom High School said that Najjar was asked only to edit a portion of her video. That was because Najjar mentioned a transgender student by name in it.

“This had nothing to do with the Second Amendment,” London County Public Schools Public Information Officer Wayde Byard told The Washington Examiner. “The video mentioned a minor student as transgender by name without the student’s knowledge or permission."

Byard told Fox News that Najjar was not disciplined in any manner for statements in support of the Second Amendment.

Najjar claimed she is discriminated against at school because of her conservative views. She said she was made to take off her hat at school because it had a gun manufacturer’s logo on it.

She also said she had her backpack searched by school officials because she had a magazine about police and army gear.

The video caught the attention of Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren, who posted a tweet in support of Najjar.

In her video, Najjar urges conservatives to be more vocal about their belief in the 2nd Amendment.

Najjar said that she is going to host a new show on Facebook called “The Fight For Freedom.”

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She is not Muslim, she is Arab Christian.

Sounds like the school needs to change it's name from FREEDOM HS to SNOWFLAKE HS

Feel free to post the teachers or whomever was bulling you so we can share our feelings with them lol

And I also hope they get the shit sued out of them!!!

Where's the ACLU they are usually supporting those who's civil rights have been violated. Oh wait, they only will support the communists, illegal aliens, and anyone else who fits their agenda.