Student Attacks Classmate And Teacher Over MAGA Hat

Senior Jo-Ann Butler could face charges after she assaulted a classmate and a teacher over a MAGA hat.

El Dorado, CA A California high school student was arrested on Monday after she assaulted another student and her teacher over her classmates Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

Jo-Ann Butler, a 17-year-old Union Mine High School senior, allegedly ripped a classmates MAGA hat off of their head and threw it on the floor, KOVR-TV reported.

The El Dorado Union High School District does permit students to wear political symbols as part of their clothing.

When her teacher tried to intervene and asked Butler to leave the classroom, she slapped him.

A classmate captured a grainy video of the classroom altercation.

The video showed the teacher in the back of the classroom trying to separate Butler from the other student to guide her out of the classroom.

Instead of leaving as requested, the video showed Butler unleashed a profanity-filled rant and then struck the teacher as he escorted her out of the classroom, according to KOVR.

Butler told KOVR that she was making a political statement when she grabbed the MAGA hat off her fellow student.

Thats a racist and hateful symbol, Butler said.

She said that her actions were intended to maybe just wake people up in some type of way, because its not cool the environment our classroom is in.

Her father, Chris Butler, said he didnt like the way his daughter behaved, but said the issue of wearing a MAGA hat in class is perhaps something that needs to be discussed, despite current rules that permit political expression.

I dont agree with grabbing someones hat and verbally talking to them in that way, he told KOVR. But as far as the issue being brought up, maybe this is something that needs to be brought up.

The school district released a statement that said student and staff safety was its highest priority, and that the district was cooperating with the El Dorado County Sheriffs Office.

Butler was suspended for one week from school for her attack on her classmate and teacher.

KOVR said they were waiting to find out if Butler would be charged with two counts of battery, according to KOVR.

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I hope that she goes to a juvenile detention facility, and is assaulted once there.


And her action was also a racist and hateful symbol.


Ugly fat ass brainwashed immature cunt! This is exactly what Obammy and his crew hoped to achieve, target the weakest minds and unleash their volatile emotions. Time to start kicking the crap out of these losers and deem it a political statement!


You can tell exactly where she gets her behavior by her stupid ass fathers comments. I hope the school doesnt capitulate about the hat... it is a Make America Great Again hat so why does that offend these morons? Grrr


California huh? Seems braindead to me or brainwashed.