Stripper Arrested After Posting About Mass Shooting Plot On Social Media

An exotic dancer had visions of a mass shooting and wrote '2019 has a lot in store if my plans go according!'

Lakeland, FL – A 31-year-old exotic dancer talked about doing a potential mass shooting on the social media site, Tumblr and was arrested.

Brein Basarich, who dances at Showgirls Men’s Club in Plant City, told police she posted the threatening comments on Tumblr under the username “taking-lives,” according to the Bradenton Herald.

Basarich wrote about a “vision” she had of using an assault rifle to fire into a crowded area with only one entrance.

“I had a vision... of a very public place, only one way in and one way out,” Basarich wrote on Tumblr, according to the Bradenton Herald. “Preferably a bar/club on a busy night. 2019 has a lot in store if my plans go according!”

Basarich talking about her excitement about getting her first gun, an AR-15 "soonish." She said she planned to also get other guns.

Another person on Tumblr asked Basarich if she had homicidal thoughts.

"I feel at time a lot of us have urges, whether they will admit or not is the question. So yes, I have," Basarich responded, according to ABC.

A person on Tumblr posted Friday about reporting Basarich’s threats to the police. Basarich’s Tumblr account has since been taken down, according to the Bradenton Herald.

“Even if you aren’t in their area, you can still report and you can possibly save lives,” the person who reported Basarich said on Tumblr.

Basarich told police she wrote the posts because she enjoys crime stories and is a fan of serial killers and mass murderers, according to a police report.

Basarich was charged with written threats to kill, do bodily injury or conduct a mass shooting or act of terrorism, according to ABC. She was arrested by the Lakeland Police Department on Wednesday and taken to jail.

She was released when she posted a $5,000 bond on Thursday.

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What bleeding heart, hug-a-thug liberal idiot released this nutjob on bail. Oh right, she's female. The usual double standard.


She likely talked her way out of it. “I wouldn’t really do it, I was just letting off steam” or something similar. What do they say about suicide ideation? It’s a good indication they could carry it out. So why would a judge release her after talking about it in such a detailed manner? She’s already dancing in strip clubs which is where many underworld figures congregate. She could easily obtain a black market weapon and carry out her “vision.” Every single day I’m amazed at the widespread lack of common sense coming from judges & prosecutors! They release people who shouldn’t be and prosecute others who shouldn’t be, and on an alarmingly consistent bases! Makes you wonder what kind of confused logic these liberal professors are teaching them in college?!


So.....another prosecutorial moron or jackass judge let's this stripper with "urges" to commit a "mass shooting " out on 5K$ ?? What did she promise them ? A free lap dance or something more ?